Republic Anywhere wants to change phone settings

I don’t remember installing it. Does it gets installed automatically by Republic? Or would I have needed to install it and have now forgotten I did it?

I have never used it, which might be why it wants to change settings.

What settings does it need to change? And what would be the side effects?

Will it change my messages app to Anywhere?

If I understand correctly, the benefits of Anywhere are that I can send and receive my text messages on my computer as well as my phone. Correct?

RW does not install Anywhere automatically…so you must have installed it at some point it time.

When you launch it the first time and tap on “Configure Device”…it will ask to be made the default SMS app…if you don’t want it to be the default app…you can simply tap on “No”…and you will remain with your current default SMS app.

Yes, the benefit of Anywhere is that you can use your computer, ipad, etc to send/receive messages and Anywhere keeps them all synced to the RW servers. See here for more info
regarding Republic Anywhere.

You don’t necessarily need to use Anywhere on all devices. For example, I use Messages on my phone and Anywhere on my laptop…the only drawback to this approach is that any messages sent via my laptop are not synced back to my phone. But I prefer the UI of Messages by Google to Anywhere.


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