Republic Anywhere: Why do I have messages that I already deleted on the computer app?



I just dowloaded Republic Anywhere, and I have text messages on the computer app that I deleted days ago on my phone, and they are appearing here on my computer. Is this a bug? I don’t like how it clutters up the message bar on the side. They aren’t on my phone, just on the computer app. It’s kind of annoying.
Also, I would love for there to be a better way to delete messages on the computer app. Right clicking on the thread and clicking on delete, or clicking on the message thread and pushing delete on the keyboard would be better


Hi @jennab.u1mf3x,

What you are experiencing is not a bug. Anywhere doesn’t sync messages between your phone and the desktop apps. Each Anywhere client (desktop or mobile) has its’ own discrete connection to Republic’s servers.

Additionally, there is currently no delete function on the desktop apps. Archiving, which will hide the conversation from view, is the best one can do for now.


Ok. I see how that works now. But it would be nice if it were easier to archive a message. It’s mundane to go back and forth between clicking on a message and then going to the menu to click archive. First world problems, right? Lol.


Hi @jennab.u1mf3x,

I’ve been privileged to participate in the Anywhere beta, so have had the opportunity to see it evolve. I’m confident today’s general release isn’t the end as far as app interface improvements are concerned, so please keep the ideas coming.

I’m on macOS but presume the Windows interface is similar. With the conversation thread open, from the conversation pane, click the three dots to the upper right, then choose Archive. Does that help?


Am I able to “lock” messages and “delete” all the others? Like in the past? I really would like to know how to delete, not archive, messages. Thank you. OOPS!!! and now I accidentally archived and I don’t know how to find them. BTW - I did read FAQ’s – THANKS!! :slight_smile:


the Windows and MacOS do not have a delete option at this time
the archive will hide the thread until you get a new message or send a new message to that contact/number


But are you able to delete the message on the phone


I’m able to delete a thread and a entry from my phone with Republic anywhere
in the thread just go to the 3 vertical dot menu and tap delete the thread
long press on an entry and a trash can will show in the upper right to delete an entry


Oh yeah! Awesome - it wasn’t there when I looked before … or at least I didn’t see it. Now a I do … great! Thank you!


Un-deleing my deleted messages - that is a deal killer for me. … I’ve uninstalled the app.


That does help. I just hope that in the future, it becomes easier to archive messages. And I wish it synced with what was on my phone too.


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