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Does Republic Anywhere work over wifi or do I have to have cell service?


Hi @kalee.b.hannah!

Yes! Anywhere works over both cellular (on your main Republic line if it has cellular access) and WiFi (on all other devices).



Hi @kalee.b.hannah,
It will work! Being the PC is on wifi / internet , all the plans are free SmS / MmS texting. The phone plan you have doesn’t have cell service but the phone still uses some data to operate, that isn’t even paid for by you or count against the plan. Republic Anywhere Faqs


Hi @kalee.b.hannah

Are you able to help elaborate a bit on your question?

Republic Anywhere is a bit special because it is a service that connects directly with Republic so you are able to send and receive text messages from other devices such as your computer. Because it connects directly from your computer to Republic Wireless, after setup, your phone itself does not have to have wifi, or cellular, or even turned on for it to work from a computer.

If you are texting from a computer, if you are using the Republic Anywhere app on your phone, the messages will sync back up if the next time the phone is on and connected via wifi or cell.

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