Republic anywhere will not allow me to respond to text

New to me Samsung S7 with android 8.0.0. Phone and text only. No data.

I have two problems.

  1. I’m trying to use Republic Anywhere for texting. It appears I can respond to texts when they are fresh from others. But if I open the message a second time I am unable to respond. It will not allow me to enter anything in the message box.

  2. Every time I open the app, it tells me that Anywhere is my default messaging app and wonders if I’d prefer to set Messages as the default so I could access all the wonderful features of Samsung products. Each time I cancel, but it still pops up the next time and I again have to hit cancel.
    Any advice?

Thanks, Jeff

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

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I would simply switch to Google Messages. Republic Anywhere is no longer being actively developed.


Which app; Republic Anywhere or Samsung’s bundled Messages app?

If the latter, this would be expected behavior and easily avoided by not opening Samsung’s Messages app.

Alternatively, you might consider disabling Samsung’s Messages app in Settings.

Good Morning @jeffv.ppsmvl,

Have you been able to get this sorted?

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Only by disabling Republic Anywhere and going with Google text app. I am having a different problem though which I will be exploring today - I can’t send text messages unless I am on wifi. Will not send if I am roaming on cell. If you know the quick fix please let me know. Thanks. Jeff

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Hi @jeffv.ppsmvl,

There is always the possibility for roaming cellular coverage to be problematical. As a starting point, are you comfortable sharing a zip code, so we might offer additional insight?

Hi @jeffv.ppsmvl - hope you don’t mind if I jump in with a suggestion. If you have mobile data or data roaming disabled, you may experience issues with texting. See Check Network Settings for instructions on making sure mobile data and roaming data are enabled.

Just in case something got reset when switching from RW Anywhere to the Google text app.

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