Republic Anywhere with non-US SIM?

Sorry if this has been addressed somewhere; I tried searching the forums and couldn’t find an answer to my question. I’m going to Canada for vacation and I’ll be using a Canadian SIM card with my Moto G5 Plus while I’m there. If someone texts my RW phone number while I’m away, will I still receive their texts via the Republic Anywhere app, even if I have a Canadian SIM card installed?

The Anywhere app should be able to still receive your calls and texts as long as you have data or wifi. I’m not sure if the app is different between phones and tablets but I’ll assume it is not.

Calls only work if your in the Anywhere Calling beta for those of us that are not in that can still use Anywhere for text though ones republic number on any data connection [WiFi or local SIM]

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Great, thanks!

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your welcome

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