REpublic Anywhere


Can anyone tell me when Republic anywhere will be compatible for a Samsung Chromebook?


I don’t think so it’s just MacOS and Windows for now but they are working on an Android app that should run on Chrome OS but it’s not ready yet


Came here to ask the same. We’re aware that it isn’t ready yet, looking for a timeline. Also an android app in development doesn’t mean chromebook compatibility at this point for most chromebooks. When google gets their [redacted] together and makes it all one library that should make everyone’s lives a lot easier, but for right now it’s got to be a totally different app.

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Hi @ianm.kbuyxg and @samuell.95adwm

We do not have a timeline for adding devices for compatibility.


Hi @samuell.95adwm,

iOS and Android tablet apps seem to be on the horizon. A Chrome OS app has been mentioned as a future possibility but there is no definitive timeline, I’m aware of.

Some Android apps will run unmodified on Chrome OS via Android Runtime for Chrome (ARC). More on ARC here:

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Short answer is timelines are hard.

As you said, we know what features they really want to continue adding but programming, testing, and actually putting in the features takes time with different factors that is able to speed or delay a timeline so there are no public time lines for Republic unless something is definitely a go.


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