Republic app ( says I'm on cell network, but I'm not

Whenever I arrive home, my Moto X Pure edition will automatically sign into my home router, but the Republic app ( says that I’m on a cell network. This also happens when I sign into my VPN via OpenVPN: I turn my VPN connection on, the app says I’m on cell data. I turn the VPN connection off, it goes back to saying I’m on WiFi

I guess it’s not a HUGE deal except: AM I GETTING CHARGED DATA just because the app thinks I’m on a cell network?

I can get the Republic app to say I’m on WiFi if I turn WiFi off and on again, but that’s not how the Republic app is supposed to work. It’s supposed to be a seamless transfer from cell to WiFi. It should also be able to detect that a VPN is in use and not say that I’m on cell data just because I’m using one

I have been having the same exact issue on my Nexus 5X. I went through support and they were no help… I agree that it is pretty ridiculous. I can’t even use my phone for 5 minutes without it switching to cell network and the phone cannot load any pages at all.

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