Republic app acting wierd on my s7

hello, community
i have an s7 , i am on 15 dollar unlimited text and data plan
my problem is not related to the plans
Recently , the app started crashing randomly ,after i updated my phone from 7.0 to 8.0
sometimes it work , sometimes it doesnt! it just crashes !
NOTE- i did a reboot! dint work
i have never rooted my phone

Have you tried un-installing the app, rebooting, the re-installing it?

If that does not work, in the system app settings, force stop the R.W. app, clear the apps cache and data and open the app again.

If that doens’t work. Try clearing Android System Cache.

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1st option you gave me dint work but i forcestopped the app and cleared the catche,
now the problem seems to be not there anymore . WOW!
well i dint knew clearing cache does solve a app issue
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Quite frequently does, especially after a major system update.

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