Republic app Cell Data settings?


What does the manage cell data settings do exactly? I found the wording a bit confusing . Do I want it checked or checked off to disable?

What happens in each scenario. Will I still be able to text and talk? Will my data be used up in the background?


Hi @melissav.wzkpau

Here is the RW app document in case you have not seen it…



The caption at the bottom changes based on whether you enable/disable.

When disabled it reads
"Disabled for installed apps except for system apps used for Republic calling, SMS and voicemail"
You want this setting when you don’t want any of your apps to give access to cellular data. The apps can still access data when connected to WiFi.

When enabled it reads
"Enabled for all installed apps"
You want this setting when you want to allow all you apps to be able to access cellular data.

If you want to control cellular data access to individual apps you will need to install a third party firewall app such as



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