Republic app data usage is different from system data usage

This is actually for my daughter. When she went to bed last night she still had 4.2 gb of data remaining. We got an email from republic this morning saying she had 25% remaining and then an hour later another email saying all was used. When she goes into the republic app to see what used the data the top listing is other data which shows that it was that amount. What is this? She was connected to WiFi so don’t know why it would have used data whatever it is. If she goes into the phone settings and looks at data usage it says she has only used 1.95 gb of data. This looks like a republic issue maybe.

Hi @kevins.k2y5wk and welcome to the Member Community. I can point you to several articles that might help resolve the issue. Not sure what phone you have so will start with an article about High Data Usage Since Updating to Android 8.0 Oreo or Above – Republic Help

And here’s one that might help explain the difference in what the data usage displays – Why Does My Phone Show Different Data Usage Than the Republic App? – Republic Help

And yet another that explains How to Change the Android Data Usage Date to Match the Republic Wireless App Bill Cycle – Republic Help

And just in case the Google Duo app is causing the problem - How to Limit Cellular Data Usage by the Google Duo App – Republic Help

There are several links in the various helps articles. My first thought is to boot in Safe Mode and see if this disables a third party app that might be causing the problem.

There are others who might jump in here and offer more specific troubleshooting steps too!


We checked to make sure the date ranges were the same and they are identical.

At least while you are getting this issue settled, you may want to take the action outlined in this Help Article


Hi @kevins.k2y5wk,

Please have the account owner for her phone open a ticket so our technicians can look into the situation.

I did open one as the account owner last night.


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