Republic App high data usage

What phone do you have? moto z play

What plan are you on? 3.0

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? with data

Issue Description

After updating to Republic App and enabling searching for “verified” wifi hotspots the App burned through over 600 mb of data in less than a day. I am not sure if the enabling of the hotspots or just updating to this version was the cause but normally I only use 10 mb per day. Any one else see this? Can this App be rolled back?

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That sounds horrible @cb1

You updated over WiFi and not Cell, correct?.

yep just like always

are you seeing this data use in the Republic App or android setting?

If it’s just in the android setting and not in the Republic app I would not worry about it as one is should not be charged for data the Republic app uses

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i see it in the android settings and it used up all my cell data so yes I am being charged.

What does the Republic app says been used as that is what you are being billed on not what’s in the Android settings. [The Android settings does not take into account the overhead the Republic app uses which does not count against your purchase data] if you have a hard limit in Android settings it will stop data connection before your data is used up [Republic as a prepaid service can not actively add data you must push more so no need to have data limit in the Android settings]

Hi @cb1,

I’ve been using 3.20 for more than a month now and have not experienced what you’re describing.

Could you share a screenshot?

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Sure any help is appreciated.

Hi @cb1,

Thanks for the screenshot. I’m going to get that right to our developers.

With your permission, I’d like to put a $5 credit on your account and then spend that credit to add 1 GB of data to your line. I’d like to do to this without trying to fix the issue, just to see if the high data use continues. Would you be willing to help us troubleshoot that way?

Could you tell me what day you updated the app and when you enabled the hotspots?

Were you on Wi-Fi when you enabled the hotspots?

Have you sent many text messages with photos or videos? (Yes, before someone explains to me how the app works, I understand we whitelist MMS data. I’d like to rule out the possibility that this whitelisting didn’t happen.)


You may be using your magical employee powers to tell, but how do we tell that there wasn’t whitelisting from that screenshot? That’s the Android data usage. Whitelisted data appears there. We’d really need to see what the Republic App is reporting for usage, wouldn’t we?


I agree we need the screenshot from the rw app. It may tell us more.

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This is what I was saying last night we need to know what the Republic app data used page says before we know @cb1 will be charged for this data use [my opinion and belief that any use of data by the Republic app should be white listed]

I believe @southpaw was saying it’s an alarming amount of data regardless. RW needs to look at to prevent too much data cost on their end as well as for members.


My concern is @cb1 thinks he being charged

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Here is the shot from the app. The app does not list the RW app. I have also picked up a small x in the lower right corner of the lte assumption from research is a slow connection but have just noticed it here at home for the first time when wifi is off.

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Yes that would be fine, just let me know when to turn off wifi for you.

It says 3 days agog do I am thinking Thursday for the update but I turned on the “verified” hotspot feature Friday I bellieve.

yes I was on wifi when I enabled.

no just a couple mms photos.


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Thanks for the Republic app screen cap and working with @southpaw as something is not right and your the first we seen report this type of usage and I’m sure Republic will want to figure this out

Sure, but when someone says with certainty that they normally use 10 MB a day and that their data is now all used up, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that this data was not whitelisted. Have you ever seen your RW app use 629 MB in a day? For an entire month of normal use (including MMS) my rw app used 2.86 MB.

Hi @cb1,

I’ve added 1 GB of data (as a one-time addition) to your line. Please just use your phone as you normally would and let’s see if this extreme consumption of data continues.

My Pixel system reports for cycle Apr 25-May 24, 3.09MB data use from R.W. app.

There are apps out there that can really expand and give one very detailed app usage…may shed some light on how or why an app is pulled so much data. Not sure if those apps need root to do that though.

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