Republic App not showing data used or remaining data

My republic app is not showing data available, nor how much has been used. I click on the thumbs up and it says there is no data.

When I click on the bottom bar, it does nothing.

I can use data, but can’t track it.

This is very annoying. I have permission for data turned of on almost every app and have been monitoring my usage. There is really no way possible I am out of data.

So far, I have.

Rebooted the phone

Uninstalled the app

Installed the app

Rebooted the phone

Good Morning @mathewa,

I see from your screenshot you have a Huawei Ascend 5W. It’s possible your experience was a temporary glitch in communication with Republic’s servers. In case I’m wrong about that I suggest trying the following:

  1. “VoIP” your phone: How to VOIP Your Phone
  2. At Settings -> Advanced settings -> Security -> Apps with usage access; toggle Allow usage access for Republic Wireless on.
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