Republic App not subtracting correctly on cell data

What phone do you have? G6

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1G

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Currently looking at my phone.
Just started new cycle at 1G. Used 10mb coming home from work. Republic App says 34mb.
What gives?
Did I miss something?
Anything to worry about?
Circle in middle says 990mb
Also, at home, WiFi on, but cell phone says it is on cell data.

Rebooted phone, still the same outcome.

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The Republic App’s math looks right … says it used 34MB, the total on the RW App shows 990MB, added togethor it’s 1024MB which is 1GB

  • the diff on the 10 to 34 is probably accounted for by the fact that the data used is not in real time and it could be just the delay showing up (this is normal)
  • When at home with WiFi on and it shows cell … please do a 1 finger swipe down and let us know what the RW Notification … it should look like Open Arc, with some verbiage … the verbiage and color of the Arc is the important stuff
  • I would suggest a Power Cycle of your network equiptment, Quick Check #1 in Router Tweaks provides the instruction
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On Republic app- Phone still not subtracting right. At this moment, it says 962mb left, 62 used. IMHO, delay is not in the cards after a day.

This morning, woke up, all was well on the other front. Arc was filled in, went to work.
Just turned off phone, let it sit for about 5 min, turned back on:
Arc not filled in
Settings say I am on my FIOS router
RW app says: Calls over cell, messages and data over WiFi (when I tap on Arc info)
Is RW 'Under Maintenance (hit ? in RW app and highlighted was message)?
But is RW still doing maintenance?


Update: Searched RW site. Will wait until the 7th.
Its there is still an issue, will open up ticket…my bad.

Not sure what is the issue you having is
962MB unused + 62MB used = 1024MB = 1GB


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