Republic app opens when unlocking phone

Greetings one and all.

I recently had to switch phones and am now using the MotoX 4.

Since then, when unlocking this phone, the Republic app opens 90+% of the time to show me how much cell data remains instead of showing the last app I had open. Is there a way to change this?

It has become a royal PIA. I am frequently listening to downloaded podcasts, someone comes up to me needing my attention; previously I would just unlock the phone and pause the app I’m listening to, which would still be open on the screen, and resume after the task is completed.

Now when I unlock the phone, I have to close the RW app, then click to open the apps recently closed/running in the background, tap to re-open the podcast or music app, wait for it to open (which sometimes takes a few moments) then tap to stop it.

This may not seem like much of a hassle reading it, but when it’s your boss needing your attention in front of you or you’ve had to perform this ritual a dozen times a day every day it gets on your nerves.


  • the RW app isn’t trying to tell me I am running short on data; this happens regardless of how much is left; even from the moment the data has been topped up on new month.

  • it happens with every app I am using, not just the podcast or music app.

  • this was not an issue with the Moto G5+ I had previously.

I had hoped that my recent updating of the RW app would correct this but not it has not

Thank you.

Hi @kobo

Sorry to hear you are having issues. I haven’t seen this happen before.

Just double check the simple things, how are you unlocking your phone currently? What does the lock screen look like and what motions are you using to unlock? I mention this because the republic wireless does have a notification that shows up. If you are inadvertently “clicking” that while unlocking, it would open the app up.

Greetings Happywillowo,

I am using the same unlocking procedure I always have; just doing the pattern unlock. I dont believe that I am touching anything else after that.

Thank you for your prompt response and suggestion.


I don’t want to chase down the wrong rabbit whole but are you suing the Moto Display feature where it gives you previews of notifications? Aka,before you unlock via the pattern, do you tap the phone or use the power button for example to wake the phone up?

In the settings, you could try disabling Moto display temporarily and or turn off the republic wireless notification in the Republic app settings temporarily to see if it might affect the behavior.

This is indeed an interesting nuisance. I do have an X4, I use the fingerprint reader.
Have you tried using the fingerprint reader…or simply removing the pattern lock,
just as a debugging tool…to see if that gives you any different performance.

On a side note… I use Amazon Music…and it has a notification screen that includes
Play/Pause and Forward/Reverse functionality from withing the notification…so I don’t even need to unlock the phone to stop the music. I am pretty sure Google Play Music
has similar Notification interface as well. What Podcast player are you using?

I think I might have a clue as to why this is happening.

If you happen to double click on the RW Notification in the process of swiping up to enter your pattern lock code…then that can cause the RW app to open upon unlock. So if you
are careful to start your swipe up elsewhere on the lock screen…you will likely not experience this issue.


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