Republic App Problem

I have been having phone trouble lately, getting a message that the Republic App has quit! Someone suggested downloading it again. I did but the problem still persisted. I thought perhaps I need to uninstall the app from my phone and install again.

I uninstalled the app but when I went to install it again it was grayed out and stated my phone, Motorolla XT1575 was not compatible! What can or should I do now?

You may have been trying to install the wrong version of the Republic Wireless app. The version for the Moto X Pure (and all 3.0 phones) can be found at:

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Thanks! I installed it successfully! I’m still getting the ‘Republic Wireless App has quit.’ What’s happening now that didn’t happen before for several years is messages aren’t being sent all the time and I find them the next time I open the messages unsent!

Also it doesn’t display messages sent to me right away all the time. Sometimes when I send a message I am swamped with incoming messages that had been sent to me, all time stamped ‘now’!

Hi @billyb.yotncg,

Please try the steps here: including the step to reboot the phone. I want to be sure that step wasn’t missed when you previously re-installed the app.

If the messaging issue continues, you may want to repeat the process of uninstalling/rebooting/re-installing, but this time with the app you are using for messaging.

Then make sure your cellular settings are correct:

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