Republic app says "Unsupported Phone" for Nexus 6P model H1511


I’m getting Unsupported Phone when I open the republic app on a recently purchased used Nexus 6P. Any suggestions as to what to check/modify before I open a ticket? FYI, I’m an 3 year customer using a Moto X1.

  1. I verified model H1511 using settings, about phone, regulatory labels.
  2. Installed Republic sim from Amazon.
  3. Downloaded and installed Republic app v3.8.2.3.
  4. Android v7.1.1 is installed on this phone.


Do you have any beta or developer build on your phone? Only the released build will work.


You will want to revert back to a stock build of Android and not have the developer preview on your phone. This link will give you details on how to do so.

Android Beta Program


Thanks, reverting back to v7.0 solved the problem.