Republic App shows me connected to Cell Data even though I have turned on WiFi and connected to a WiFi network

My new Moto G4 Play just arrived and I have just finished going through the activation process (including updating the Republic App). I have turned on WiFi and connected my phone to a WiFi network. However, the Republic Arch is not filled in and when I open the Republic App and click on the WiFi tab, it shows me connected to Cell Data. According to the help topic on WiFi (WiFi ) it says the bottom of this tab should show a bar listing my WiFi network’s name or “Not connected to WiFi” but all I see is a bar that says 0MB Cell Data Used. I tried disconnecting and then re-connecting to the WiFi network to see if that would resolve the issue, but it did not. I checked the status of the WiFi network and it showed connected with excellent signal strength. How do I get the Republic App to connect to WiFi so that I can use WiFi data instead of cell data?

  • What does the RW Notification state? … the Notifications in 3.0 are yet to be documented so exact verbiage helps
  • When checking the Android Settings/Wi-Fi … that shows the Excellent Signal strength … what does Link Speed and Frequency show?
  • Consider using an app like Wifi Analyzer - Android Apps on Google Play and check out your WiFi signal to determine if your on a good Channel

RW Notification: “**Connected to cell **You’re connected to the cellular network.”

Link Speed: 72 Mbps

Frequency: 2.4 GHz

I’m actually at work, and there are two other Republic users who sit close to me who are each connected to the same WiFi network with no problems.

Thanks … rules out a bit … now assuming that the G4 has the same Moto Help App (big Blue ?) and of course you have power cycled your phone and re connected to the WiFi AP

When you say power cycle, do you just mean a soft power cycle in turning off the phone and then turning it on again, or do you mean a full reset to restore all the factory defaults?

I have a big blue question mark titled help, but I don’t see a “Fix” option in the menu.

Just the normal power off/on … sorry on the Help App (I don’t have a G4, so it was just a guess (my bad)

As we can no longer use the SafeMode to rule out app problems (it disables loading the Republic Wireless App), I guess the next step would be to open a Ticket with Republic Help and see what they come up with

Safe Mode should not disable the Republic 3.0 app on the Moto G4 series (I think the Zs as well). It’s still part of the system image on these phones.

Thanks for the info … so OP could then try in SafeMode and see if that makes any difference

I just checked my Moto G3, it had the older Help App with no Fix tab/info shown … I then loaded Device Help - Android Apps on Google Play and it now it provides the same function I see on the Moto X Play … might be worth a shot?

Thanks. So basically I just reboot in Safe Mode, and the Republic App should still come on and I should still be able to connect to WiFi, so I just need to see if I encounter the same issue in Safe Mode, and if I do then I need to open a help ticket, but if I don’t, then what do I do?

My mom also got a new phone, so I’ll also check this out at her house tonight on both my phone and her phone to see if it’s just my phone having the issue. I assume I’ll have a similar issue with my phone on other WiFi networks since my co-workers with Republic are having no issues connecting to the WiFi network I’m trying to connect to, but trying it out on mom’s WiFi network will help rule that out.

If you don’t have a problem in Safe Mode, then we would suspect one of your downloaded Apps, and as the phone is new this hopefully would be a short list and you would just remove them one at a time until you find the culprit … but it could still just be a hardware problem which is what we were trying to rule out with the Moto Help check

On my mom’s network, the Republic App correctly accessed the WiFi network instead of the Cell Network. I was able to update the Device Help app, and run the Hardware test, and it showed me connected to the WiFi network. I’ll try again at work tomorrow. I may just happen to sit in a dead spot. At least I know it’s not a problem with other WiFi networks. Thanks for your help!

Thanks for the verification on the Motorola Help … getting user validated feedback that can be passed on to others is important to all of us.

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