Republic app shows messages counting toward data


What phone do you have?
Moto G5 Plus
What plan are you on?
3.0 (I think) and 1gb data
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
1gb data

Issue Description

The republic app shows messages counting toward my 1gb data limit.


this should not be you should open a ticket and have support look at this.


Hi @sflesch,

Thanks for bringing this observation to our Community. It is interesting, especially that so much of that data seems to have been consumed on one day. Do you remember anything specific about your messaging activity on that day. Any chance the app updated over cell that day? (Though I think that data use would be attributed to the Play Store.)

I’ve switched my default app to Messages to see if I can replicate this.

Since SMS and MMS traffic is not meant to count against your purchased data, I wonder what else the Messages app is doing that could consume data. Do you have it integrated with the desktop version? Do you take advantage of the new spam-filtering option in Messages? If so, did you enable that option on the date so much data was consumed?


Hi @sflesch,

I talked this through with our developer and tried a few tests on my own phones and came to this understanding:

The RW app’s report of data usage by app will show you all data used by all apps except specific apps we have excluded from the list.

So the data usage reported by the Messages app is to be expected. Data used for sending and receiving text messages does not, however, count against the data you’ve purchased.


I do have Google’s desktop messenger, but I’ve had that for a while and barely use it. I don’t recall using it excessively any particular day.

I checked my settings and don’t see a Spam option.

I’ll keep an eye out. I know it’s not supposed to count it, but it sure seems like it does in the total.

Seeing it at that point as the number one data usage app was concerning.

Thanks for looking into this. Sorry for the late response. Busy weekend.


So is messenger one of the apps excluded and is so, why is it showing it?


The Messages app by Google :messages: that shows up in your screenshot is not a Republic-Wireless app, so that app is not excluded from the list you are seeing.

The data required to send and receive text messages (SMS and MMS) does not count against your purchased data.


So, that app shows because RW doesn’t exclude it from BEING SHOWN, BUT the data listed there still doesn’t count
if I understand you correctly, since it is SMS & MMS? I wonder why I am just noticing it now. May because it was at the top of the list…

I tried using the RW app, but if I remember correctly, it didn’t sync data in both directions, so backing up messages was not fun.

That was a while ago, so I might be wrong on that.


That’s my understanding regarding SMS and MMS. I suppose it’s possible other features built into
Messages by Google (RCS Chat for example or the new spam feature) might use metered data.

I presume you mean Republic Anywhere but am uncertain about what you mean by sync two-way. It’s true each Anywhere endpoint syncs directly with Republic’s servers, so it’s not truly a backup solution.

Other the other hand Messages by Google doesn’t sync anything. The web based version merely mirrors what’s on your phone. If it’s lost on the phone, it’s gone from the web based version as well. Thinking about it, if your phone isn’t connected to WiFi when you’re using the web based version, that might account for the data use in question.


If I remember correctly, messages I typed into the RA app wouldn’t show up in Messenger, but incoming ones did. (Or was that the other way around?).

I use SMS Backup to backup my messages from Messenger, so with RA as default, if I remember correctly, SMS Backup would only be able to backup one-half of the conversations.

So it’s not the Messenger backs up anything, but that I use an app to backup SMS messages from Messenger.


Hi @sflesch,

Am I correct that by Messenger, you mean the app Google now calls Messages? In other words, the app seemingly using an unexpected amount of data?

You may use Messages by Google on the phone and Anywhere on other devices, however, according to Republic’s Anywhere FAQ:

Do I have to use the Anywhere app on my phone, or can I use another messaging app?

For the full experience, you’ll need to use the Anywhere app as your default SMS/MMS app on your phone. If you use a third party messaging app as your default, messages sent to and from you using your phone will still sync to your computer, but any messages sent from your computer will not sync to your phone.

Generally, the best Anywhere experience means using Anywhere across devices but it’s not an absolute requirement. As far as using Anywhere as one’s text messaging app on one’s phone, doing so wouldn’t interfere with using SMS Backup. It backs up whatever is on the phone regardless of which text messaging app is being used. For what it’s worth, text messages on one’s phone aren’t stored in one’s messaging app. They’re stored in a database that’s read by whatever messaging app one chooses to use.



I was only using Anywhere at the top. Perhaps I am not fully remembering my experience, but I wasn’t happy with it and had switched back. Is it possible RA app didn’t put outgoing messages into the database? I can’t remember my exact experience as it was a while ago, but I thought I had remembered as something similar.


That shouldn’t be the case. On the phone, Anywhere reads text messages from the same database Messages by Google does.

That aside are you using the web based version of Messages by Google on a device other than your Republic phone? I ask because you mention two-way sync and it’s still not clear to me what you mean by that.


I just sent a 2MB photo attachment using Messages…and it didn’t show up in my RW per app data. Something is not adding up in the displayed RW app chart above. If you go to your Jan 3th Messages activity…do you see 100MB worth of activity in your Messages…or any activity for that matter? Also, based on your graph…it is not limited to Jan 3rd…the Android Messages is reporting activity for most days during the billing cycle…something doesn’t seem right with that. I have used Android Messages as my default app for several months now and I don’t seem to recall any significant Messages related activity in my RW app


When I changed the billing cycle to start today (in the Data usage cycle settings)…the 2MB data showed up in RW app data usage…which is the correct expected behavior for MMS.


If you look in the android Data Usage…does it show the 100MB usage by Messages as Foreground or Background data? That might provide some additional clues.



139MB is background as of today, Is it possible it is Messages notifications? I think I remember your notifications could get through even if you turned off data for certain apps. So if I view a picture that’s sent to me via notifications in the Messages app, it would use background data?

As far as the sync issue with the RA app, the more I think about it, I think it had to do with using the desktop app. I am pretty cure I remember typing from the desktop app and that text didn’t show up on my phone later so I had only half conversations sometimes.
Those may not be the exact circumstances, but I remember somewhere only half the conversations were available and not feeling comfortable with that. It was a while ago and I’m happy with the Google Messenger Desktop App. I don’t think the data is between the Desktop app and the phone since the two places I mostly use those, is at work and home at my desktop with more than adequate wifi.


As per your per-day usage 100MB of that usage (orange within blue column) was on Jan 3rd…I think you should focus on trying to figure out what happened that day within your Messages activity…whether you did a re-sync or something like that…which caused all this background data to be used by Messages.

Perhaps a link to a download sent through Messages which got tagged as Messages data.

What I find surprising is that any of these user triggered actions should have showed up as Foreground data…so that’s why I am thinking…this was some kind of background task…such as a backup or something like that…perhaps it kept failing and kept retrying due to the size of the backup or something along those lines.

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I went through all my messages conversations on or newer than the 3rd and could find barely anything on that particular day.

On top of that, I added all my data and I have gone over and had to add more data SOLELY because of this 147.77MB. $5 may not be much, but it’s still my $5.

Also, I’m pretty sure when you pull down a notification to look at it, it counts as background data. I’ve blocked apps before internally from using data and they would still use background. I would also still get notifications from them while on cell data. Therefore, background data is, at least from my view, used during notifications.