Republic app shows messages counting toward data


I’ve had to add 1GB data, but if I exclude the 147MB it has used so far, I would still be under my 1GB limit.



If I’m understanding correctly, it’s not the text messages and MMS content that’s causing this data usage, but something else the messaging app is doing?

So if you turn off background data for Messages:

  • Does the amount of background data the app reports it has consumed continue to grow?
  • Does it continue to notify?

To test: check your background data consumption. Then have a willing volunteer send some images, view them as described, then check your background data consumption again.

As we continue to try to understand this, please let me know if you hit your 90% warning again, and I’ll add data at no charge. I’ve placed a credit on your account for your $5 you had to spend.

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Do you know how you can preview messages by pulling them down form the notification? I suspect that may be considered background data. I’m not saying that’s what’s causing the data usage, but that’s my first suspect. I had the one app (might have been the IFTTT app) which was eating up data. I even disabled data on it (not background) and it was still killing my data. I can’t remember if I disabled background data or if if just uninstalled the app and it stopped. Whatever my experience was with that led me to believe that background data is looked at differently than regular data AND that notifications were done through background data.

Instead of working with someone else, I used my Google Voice number…

I attempted to send a a screenshot of my total (foreground and background) data used by messenger, but sent a text instead and previewed it in notifications. Just that text showed a slight increase (7kb) in background data (check the difference between first two pictures). I then sent the picture properly, previewed it in the notifications and checked the data usage. There was a significantly larger amount of data (159kb) showing used as background data (the difference between the second and third pictures).

I then disabled background data and sent the latest screenshot. Sure enough, data usage went up by 242kb. (See screenshot 4).

The one thing I will have to look into is whether or not messages for the web is causing some or all of this issue. I’m wondering if Messages is sending that same information over data (despite turning background data off) to the web clients.

I will have to see if removing both “signed in computers” will stop the background data.

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FYI, I haven’t dropped this. I will probably pick it up tomorrow when I get back to work.


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The other day I was watching a youtube video sent as a link on Whatsapp. Whatsapp has the ability to launch another window within the app…without branching out to the Youtube app…not sure if this is whatsapp or android system feature… at any rate…this data usage…even though it was clearly youtube…was logged as Whatsapp data usage in my RW app.

I wonder if something similar might be happening with your Messages data usage.

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I do think it’s something like that. Previewing messages from the notification bar also seems to do the same thing. I’ve disconnected my Messages from Chrome and it seems to be using less data. I reconnected and even tried the same experiments from above and got no increase in background data.


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