Republic app update and Google authentication

My daughter’s phone got a notification that the Republic Wireless app has an update available (version
When she clicks on it, we get a screen from Google Play saying, “Authentication is required. You need to sign into your Google account”

The weird thing is that she is already signed into her Google account. If she goes directly to Google Play, she’s signed in (as is her Gmail and other Google things). While in Google Play, if she goes to the Republic app, it offers a update, but when she clicks on it, we get the same message.

She has a Moto G6

Thank you!

bumping this up…anyone have any ideas?

Hi @tanyar.shuz3w,

This is an odd circumstance. You daughter might try installing the update to her phone from Google’s play store using a computer. She would need to sign into the same Google account on the computer after navigating to the play store.

@tanyar.shuz3w, not sure this is exactly what’s going on with your daughter’s phone but might be worth reviewing the information at the following link –

Have not experienced this on either of our Moto G6’s but have had a similar issue on a tablet. Do you get the same error if you try to download any other update or app from the play store?

Oh, that’s an interesting idea! I’ll try that. Thanks!

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@rolandh, unfortunately your idea didn’t work. The republic app can’t be updated on the desktop. It can only be installed using the desktop. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

Hi @tanyar.shuz3w,

Don’t let Google’s use of “Install” in this case fool you. Clicking that will update an already installed app.

I did a few of the things in that post: fresh sync, removal of cache from Google play, removed google account. Restarted after each thing and now it’s working. Thanks! I’m not exactly sure, but I think it was the Google account removal that did it.

I forgot to add that it was only the republic app which caused the problem. She could install and update other apps with no problem.

Oh! I didn’t realize that. Thank you for the info!
Thank you @rolandh for taking time to answer the question, and thank you @freddyp for your time as well.

We’re fixed! Woohoo!

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