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I updated republic app and it asks for permissions to send texts and use microphone and what not, when I try to grant access it says “screen overlay detected” and sends me to the settings. I have tried to turn off all of the apps and nothing happens, it does not allow me to change anything specifically in the republic app to allow permissions and now it says my phone is not configured to phone calls and when I click change configuration it goes right back to the screen overlay settings. I have the moto G4 and it worked fine until this last update.

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sounds like you have a screen dimer installed (LUX) go in to the app and disable it temporary to accept the permissions

you can also try safe mode…

On Marshmallow (and presumably Nougat) phones, the screen overlay issue isn’t necessarily triggered by a screen dimmer app. Usually, turning off the “feature” for any apps using it is sufficient but one needs to restart the phone after doing so. When that fails, Safe Mode typically gets the job done.

really what other type of apps do a screen overly and for what other reason ?

(not saying your wrong just would like to know)

Screen dimmers are indeed obvious candidates, however, the issue seems more random than that. Facebook (surprise) sometimes seems to be a trigger. There’s a lot of articles like this one out there: How to Fix the “Screen Overlay Detected” Error on Android.

leave it to Facebook to abuse anything google leaves open

personally I don’t like how the screen over lap is being used I don’t want any app to on the screen other than the one I’m using

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No screen dimer that I’m aware of. I turned off everything from draw over apps. I have turned phone off and back on several times and still shows permission needed for microphone and texts and error screen for screen overlay comes up. And I can’t make phone calls but I am able to receive them


By chance do you have an overlay triggered in the developer options?

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Try and see if you can go directly to the permissions screen from

Settings -> Apps -> Republic Wireless -> Permissions

instead of clicking through from the notification.

I have tried going through apps in settings but that doesn’t work either. I don’t know about Developer options, I did make myself a developer but don’t know how to access. What happens if I unistaa republic app and reinstall? Is that a thing?

Uninstall and reinstall of Republic’s app won’t hurt. Have you tried Safe Mode as suggested by @drm186 in his initial response to you?

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I was reading these responses on my phone yesterday in a hurry at work and seen the safe mode thing but didn’t know how to do, now that I had a minute and opened link, it worked. Thank you so much to everyone for their assistance:) I was able to grant permissions to SMS and microphone in safe mode and when I rebooted I am now able to make calls again.

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Screen Overlay detected problem solved:
Follow this simple guide:

Option(Three Dots)
Click on “Draw Over Other Apps” OR “App Can Appear on Top” whichever option available in your device…
Now list of apps whose screen overlay is enabled will appear…
Disable /Turn Off For All App…

Then Your Problem Must Be Solved…

If not then you may refer to this:

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Hi @rahns

If you enabled Developer Options, they can be found in Settings…usually the last, or close to the last item in the settings list. Here is a good article describing the feature.

How do I turn off screen overlay in Android 6.0 Go to settings then apps and then apps permissions doesn’t work on my Mo…

Your solution worked for me but I think that you forgot to mention about screen overlay of System App after the step no 4. For some it may work without turning off screen overlay of system apps but for some it may not work. If you didn’t get what I mean then you can refer to below official source:
screen overlay detected
They have asked to turn off screen overlay apps of all apps including system apps…

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Devid Thanks for pointing me…
Yeah we need to turn off screen overlay of all apps including system apps…

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