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We’ve released a new version of the Republic app to our @orionwifi beta testers who opted into early access to the app.

Although this update does not include any changes that affect Orion connectivity, we wanted to go ahead and get it to those of you who liked the idea of early access to app updates.

If you’ve experienced the issue where the voicemail tab has disappeared from the Phone app you may have noticed in our Help Article that the workarounds vary, depending on the phone model and what kind of SIM card it has. With this update to the Republic app, those for whom the only workaround was to uninstall updates to the Phone app can now instead use the “Enable visual voicemail” option.

So, if you are still missing your voicemail tab or if you reclaimed it by uninstalling updates to the Phone app, you can take these steps instead.

  1. Update the Republic app when is available to you.
  2. Update the Google Phone app if you’ve had updates uninstalled.
  3. Open the Phone app and tap the :dots: three dot menu icon at top left.
  4. Tap Settings
  5. Tap Voicemail
  6. Make sure the “Visual Voicemail” option is enabled. (The slider needs to be to the right, and blue.)

Of course, we remain eager to hear of any connectivity experiences you may have!


I signed up for early access (actually twice by accident!). I get an error when I try to get the beta app. Did I mess up?

Visual voicemail never stopped working for me, but I do have an annoying thing on the Voicemail tab that says I need to activate Visual voicemail, even though it does actually work. This if fine for me but it confuses less technology-enabled folks like my parents (shhhh, don’t tell them I said that!).

RW app
Google Pixel 3a
Android 11, Build number RQ2A.210405.005
Astrological sign, Gemini

I tried rebooting (including after RW I tried deactivating and reactivating visual voicemail (using steps 1-6 above). No luck.

To be clear, this has been an issue for a while (weeks, perhaps months or longer). Visual voicemail still works, it just has the silly message on it.

I just kind of deal with it, because 99% of my voicemail are telemarketing calls and get deleted.

What kind of error are you getting, and where in the process?

Hi @Scottathew, yes, and I should have included a step 7 in the instructions to say, “ignore the warning about activating visual voicemail.” We did mention that in the release notes for the update.

That’s another side effect of the recent update to the Google Phone app. Our developers have opened a ticket with Google on the matter, but have not received any reply, and our developers are looking into possible ways to resolve this from our end.


Thanks, @ceedee. I’ve added your e-mail address to the beta list again. It was no longer on the list. I don’t know how long it takes the Play Store to make the app available to you. :woman_shrugging:

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Ok, weird. Play store is telling mr that the app is associated with one of my other emails. I don’t recall doing anything, and I don’t know how to fix it. Apparently, i can’t uninstall and reinstall the RW app. Yikes.

Feel free to add the other address to the form, @ceedee.

Thanks @southpaw!


Cleared cache, rebooted. All good.


Unfortunately, Covid has had us sequestered in our local area for the better part of a year now so getting out to locations with Orion availability has been pretty tough. My wife and I normally travel quite a bit and we hope to return to our normal lifestyle soon. Once that happens I will be putting Orion through its paces. Sure hope that happens sooner rather than later.


I understand completely, @harrye! Didn’t mean to sound pushy. I think we’ll have a much more interesting beta once we’re all getting around a bit more. Stay safe!

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Do not see the Republic app update yet.


Hi @SusanMH,

I’m afraid I don’t know what to tell you about that. I’ve double-checked that the e-mail address you provided is included in the list of beta testers in the Play Store.

Do you see an option to opt-in if you visit this link:

I see the invitation to be a beta tester, I clicked to join. Hopefully that helps.


I am now updated to :+1:

Thank you



[Redacted] airport has RW

Thanks @swedefour, and how was the connection? Did you get to try surfing the internet at all, texting, calling? (It doesn’t look like the RW arc is confirming all three in your screenshot.)

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