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the app tells me to start a ticket however nobody answers my ticket request, as the phone will not receive texts

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you can follow and respond your open tickets here

Ticket responses are sent via email. They can also be viewed at the link noted by @drm186 above.

When did you submit your ticket? Can you share you ticket number?

How many weeks should I wait for a response?

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most tickets are responded to with in 24-48 hours

are you sure the ticket was submitted?

Three weeks ago, then it was labeled as solved, then I sent it again, then it was labeled as solved. the phone has never worked and Republic has been teribl

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please post the ticket and @amitl can followup with the support team,

can I ask what the issue is perhaps the knowledge base of this customer forum can be of help?

Can you please post your ticket numbers? What is the current state of your phone?

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Well that is impossible question, I know that I have followed the instructions for starting a ticket, maybe I just know the secret handshake

(I have Five phones and have been a customer for four plus years)

please post the ticket number listed at the link I provided for @amitl to followup with.

there a few, First the App tells me to start a ticket, it also has very limited function for wifi set selection, compared to my 2.0 and 1.0 phones apps.

Second it will not allow texting on Cell network?

Third the screen has begun to turn black during phone calls

Fourth it frequently will not receive calls, I can attempt to call it with my 2.0 phone and it will not receive, in the same room same wifi

one more thing my wife keeps loosing it, I am not sure they can help with that (its a joke)

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which phone is this (sounds like a newer 3.0 phone and Yes some features are not there in the 3.0 App like fine data control)

for the texting issue make sure that both cell data and Roaming data are set up in the Android setting (there no user roaming data so there no reason to turn it off, cell data can be control from the Republic app (either on or off no find controls like 2.0/1.0)

screen timeout I would go to setting --> accessibility and turn off hang up on power button and use that to re-wake the screen

it could be a WiFi setting not giving it priority or could it be related to the issue here Is your phone losing its WiFi connection while sleeping?

this may take a few try to get the right answer

I hope this helps

for the wife issue there always

I see you posted a ticket after making this post. The other tickets were all answered rather quickly. They just went to the Experts where they asked some clarifying questions but never heard back from you. The ticket came back to us so we then asked if you were good, and never heard back so we closed the ticket.

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it is the 3.0

have them both set up as Android roaming

I am not sure that device manager is precise enough to find her other purse

Really which telephone pole to you hang the answer on? because my wife’s phone still doesn’t work.

your best bet is to response to the tickets with what ever information that was being request , non response end up with tickets being marked as solved (to reopen a solved ticket just respond to the ticket in the link I provided earlier

Richard Walton wrote:


Allegra in our support team responded to your ticket with some questions and some stuff to try yesterday at 6:00 PM. We have not heard anything back. Are you seeing our responses?

Hi @72cdb84a-be48-4654-81c1-d646ec4484a5,

I’m marking this question answered, even though your phone may not still be fixed, since Sean has explained that your tickets are receiving replies. When you submit a ticket, we need you to take action and reply to the ticket so we can troubleshoot it together. Otherwise the tickets will close if you don’t reply. The system assumes that if we don’t hear back from you, you took care of the problem yourself.

one more thing my wife keeps loosing it, I am not sure they can help with that (its a joke)

Maybe we can help with this! Would she use a Motorola Keylink? We happen to have a B-stock Keylink (customer-returned, like-new) that we would be glad to send her.

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