Republic Arc missing on phone...Don't know when on Wifi or cellular or when wifi is available

What phone do you have? MotoG5S

What plan are you on? $15

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk and Text

Issue Description

Checked settings

Check the R.W app “App notifications” permissions under “app info” in the System settings - Apps and Notifications of the phone settings.

The setting to enable the Arch and notification is in the R.W app it self called: “Show the Republic notification”.

The Republic notification is no longer persistent even with the setting you reference enabled. It’s entirely possible to swipe it away (and the arc would go with it), like any other notification. Google has decreed notifications shall no longer be persistent.

Even if you “dismiss” it, it still comes back shortly thereafter or if something changes, at least, this is the behavior it exhibits on my Pixel with 8.1.

All one need do is read the verbiage underneath the setting in the screenshot you posted as it explains the conditions under which the notification will show. That still doesn’t make it persistent. A persistent notification can’t be swiped away in the first place. Folks rely on this forum for accurate information. Proper nomenclature is important.

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I see your point, I shall correct how I refer to that from now on.

However, there was a time where such “persistent” notifications, like apps using battery or running in the background, were always active and not dismissable. Google then changed that with Oreo update in that those “persistent” notifications can in fact be dismissed, for a short time, or even shut off from the system settings-apps. Again, this is my experience on a Google phone, Moto and other phones may do things differently. The vast majority of folks consider the R.W notification (or say a weather app notification) to be a persistent (always there) thing. And on the newer Android versions, can accidentally swipe and tap the option to block it or similar.

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