Republic Community emails being sent to old email

I changed my email address a while ago and the Republic Wireless Community
notices are still being sent to my OLD email address. How do I solve the problem. ?

Hi @noelh,

By changing your email address, do you mean you updated the contact information in Republic’s online account portal? Or, just that you have a new email address?

If you need to update contact information in Republic’s account portal, please see here:

Hi @noelh,

When you updated your e-mail address in the account portal, the update was not synced to our Community until you the first time you logged in here. Now that you’ve done so, e-mails from Community are being sent to your new e-mail address.

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I updated contact information in account profile reflecting my new email address.

Changing to my new email address was the ONLY change.

But still receiving notices to my OLD address which I will not be using.


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