Republic Connections: October, 2017


Republic Wireless is a great place to work, for many reasons. One of my favorite reasons is the focus our team members have on you, the members we serve. Other great aspects of working here are the fun we have together and the focus and commitment the company has to the total well-being of each staff member and their families.

Some fun together

In the fun department, earlier this month we had a company-wide dodgeball tournament. Not just any dodgeball, of course, we play in costumes! Nothing like lobbing balls furiously at one another to work out your aggressions! (What aggressions?!)

Run for the balls!

Grab 'em

All the balls!

Back up and take your best shot!

“A” for effort!

Take this!

Winning feels good!

Congratulations to our champions!

Family focus

Our company culture emphasizes the importance of our lives outside of work and offers a generous parental leave policy, which has been getting a lot of use lately, as we’ve had a mini-baby boom! Get ready to "Ooh and ahh as you enjoy our little Republic Wireless baby photo gallery featuring four of our Republic Wireless babies.

Age of discovery!

Sleeping peacefully in a RW onesie!

Visiting the Pop-up Shop!

Already loves shopping!

Halloween in the office

We had our annual Halloween party Friday for the children of the staff… well, it was intended for the children, but when there’s free candy, it’s hard to keep the staff at bay… (notice the look on the little dragon’s face!)

And, finally, a staff picture:


It’s fun to see photos like these. Thanks for sharing them.

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Thanks @michellen,

We’d love to see some baby and Halloween photos from our members, too!


Thanks for sharing @southpaw!


My son [PD] as the Flash

Here he is with friends at the start of trick or treating

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Thanks for sharing your pictures @drm186! I can remember going trick or treating and getting so frustrated at having to wear a coat over my costume!

What is the costume on the far right, and did that costume survive the evening?

I love the optimism of the young lady beside your son! Forget the little pumpkin-bucket, I’m filling this big bag (pillow case?) wth candy!


From left to right
PD [my son] as the Flash in a coat
Friend 1 [a former class mate of PD] as the Mighty Thor
Friend 2 [a scouting friend little brother] as Buzz Lightyear [note this was PD’s costume from 4 years ago]
And Friend 3 [OD scouting buddy] as a red blob [inflatable costume] [even his hooded mask was solid red {but see though}]

Moderator’s note - children’s names removed since parents are not available to give approval.

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