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Not sure what happened but the little republic crescent symbol showing my wifi connection has disappeared from my phone. Anyone know why?

If you swipe left or right on the RW notification in the notification shade then it will also remove it from the top left of your phone.

To make it appear again

  1. Open the RW App
  2. Settings -> Advanced Settings
  3. Disable and then again Enable the “Show the Republic Notification” option

Got it! I looked at everything and couldn’t see how to fix this. Thank you!


That fixed it, but on my Moto X4 it seems to keep happening, and I haven’t figured out the steps leading up to the failure … any additional info you have would be appreciated

@jben and @ribboy58 Does this post address your issue (Republic Wireless Arc - Notification Changes), or are you having a different issue?

In my case the RW ARC shown in the top Status line, normally SWA (Solid White Arc) … connected to WiFi or OWA (Open White Arc) … connected to Cell, is going away on occasion. I was aware of the changes that Android made on persistent notifications and never swipe left or right from the Notification Shade. For me this is a curiosity and I am just trying to gather enough user input to see if this something that I could report to Republic Staff


I took the following statement from the post I cited above to mean that both the top Status line notification and the notification in the Notification Shade would no loger be persisent: “In the past, the Republic Wireless notification, and by extension, the Republic arc at the top left of your phone’s status bar, has always been a persistent notification that could not be dismissed (swiped away. In app version 3.14, this behavior has changed on Nougat phones - our notification will no longer be persistent…”

At any rate, I have experienced the Status line arc appearing & disappearing, as well as changing from solid to open (even when on airplane mode), without any disruption in service for so long a time that I no longer pay any attention to it. If I dismiss the shade notification, the arc goes away as well. I used to play around and find a way to get the arc back, but now I just ignore it and it shows back up sooner or later on its own. I’ve had no disruption of service when the arc changes or disappears, so I just ignore it.

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