Republic dilemma


My current phone is coming to the end of it’s life (Moto G), it is in great condition however it has been real slow the last few months and doesn’t seem like its keeping up. I’ve been with republic for 4 years and have purchased 4 phones for my family. Now, that I’m looking at phones and have 2 possibilities 1) xfinity mobile for a new phone or the phone I really like is the moto g5s Plus.

I can get the G5s from Motorola and their site says it is compatible. Would I need to buy a Sim card from Republic and how would I know which one to purchase. Also, I know my plan would change, what are the differences form the $10 talk and text.

If I decide to change my phone and port my number, the remaining thee phones will stay on Republic. I want the billing to remain on my card and I want to make sure Republic doesn’t turn off their service.

I enjoy the WiFi calling and have not had any problem with phone service or the community, but the allure of an iPhone is blinding me.


You would, and there is only one card, here it is: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless

The features are the same, the plan is just $15 instead

Each phone is independent and changing one, or porting one number out, won’t impact any of the others.

Is there something specific about the iPhone you find alluring?


When you buy a phone from a 3rd party the coverage will be different compared to your current Moto G, if you prefer your existing coverage (provided by Sprint) then you will need to submit a ticket after activation and request a CDMA SIM card. See here for some additional info


Thanks for the quick response, you answered all my questions. I think the only difference maybe the camera not sure. Oh and the price. The Moto offers more memory (64 vs 32 gb).


Thanks. My current phone is a Moto G (1st). I’ve never had any problems with Sprint coverage, the My choice plan uses T-Mobile? How do I check that coverage in my area?


If purchased from Republic, a phone might use GSM or CDMA (Sprint). A Moto G6 is capable of using either network but not both simultaneously with Republic. Republic doesn’t offer explicit choice of which network a phone comes provisioned with, however, switching from one to the other in the event Republic’s choice of coverage proves inadequate isn’t difficult but does require that one open a ticket.

If you choose to acquire a G6 or other Republic supported phone from a third party, you’ll need to acquire separately a Republic GSM SIM. If necessary switching coverage to CDMA (Sprint) isn’t difficult but requires opening a ticket. My opinion is don’t sweat it too much. In most cases, GSM coverage will be equivalent to and, perhaps, better than what you currently experience with CDMA (Sprint). If you’d like more insight, please share the zip code(s) where the phone will be typically used.

May we know which iPhone you’re considering. Whether a Moto G6 would provide a comparable experience in terms of the camera largely depends on that.


Here’s the coverage map

My Choice plan initial activation (for a phone purchased from 3rd party) is on T-mobile…but you can switch over the Spring (CDMA coverage) later on if you prefer your existing coverage for the G1.
The second CDMA SIM card is sent to you by RW support at no extra charge.

Do note that not all phones supported on My Choice plans are CDMA capable. The G5s+ noted in your comments above is CDMA capable and so you should not have any issues switching to CDMA coverage later on if you prefer Sprint.


iPhone 7.

thanks for the coverage map. I’m covered.


the Moto phone I’m interested in is MOTO G5s Plus, with the duel camera. Motorola has the a few in stock now.