"Republic enabled the wifi radio"


I get this every 30 seconds on my moto 3g, it causes apps to lag to the point of un-usability. When i am driving, it does the same thing, when im walking, same thing… i see on the internet it has to do with the RW app silently crashing in the background. bummer, okay how do i keep it from enabling every time this happens? oh wait there is no user control for that. RW does not allow users to control there phone… hrm. I CANNOT USE THIS PHONE OUT OF A WIFI ENVIRONMENT BECAUSE OF THIS BULL HOCKY.



The steps I would do are

1] clear Republic app’s cache, and data
Settings–>apps–>all–>Republic Wireless
Settings–>apps–>all–>Republic Telephony

2] if that doesn’t fix it the uninstall the republic apps updates and then reinstall
Open Google Play store, find the Republic Telephony, and Republic Wireless apps and uninstall updates , reboot then reupdate the apps



Try previous suggestion as it should work. You may also be able to eliminate the message by disabling RW notifications in the phone Settings and/or RW app Settings.



I did exactly as you said drm186, as well as reformatting the system cache, it has actually worked! thank you so much.



I’m glad it’s now working for you, thanks for letting us know you are up and running

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