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I have a friend who is researching to choose a new phone carrier. He is a political activist and something that is important to him when choosing companies is whom they are affiliated with and whom they support. For instance, he is choosing not to go with AT&T because they give a lot of money to the Republican party (some to the democratic party also, but much more to the republican party). I was suggesting Republic and he was asking me if republic donates or supports particular foundations or affiliations. Does anyone know the answer to this?

On a seperate note, does anyone else have to change their password every single time they log in to Republic wireless? I do.

thanks so much!



No. I don’t. That is strange.


Hi @wildernessc

Do you encounter the need to change your password when you are logging in using a computer or your phone?

If it’s just your phone, does the problem occur when you are using the Republic app, a browser such as Chrome, or both?


All of the above


Thanks for the additional information. That is really strange. I’ve not seen that reported before.

When you try to login, do you get an error message that the password doesn’t match?

Are you using a service that remembers and plugs in the login and/or password for you?


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That seems like a pretty unnecessary response. I completely support people wanting to make ethical decisions of where their money goes and that they support companies that are making efforts to better the world.


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That’s incredibly disappointing. It was a legitimate question for a friend and i thought the initial response I got was beautiful. I felt happy to hear all the cool things republic wireless was doing for their community. Based on this the person actually did sign up for a wireless plan. Now based on the last few poor response I may advise them otherwise. Also, incredible poor choice to call me a “trouble maker”. I have been with RP for many years. I’m incredibly disappointed in this reaction. If you thought I was trying to stir up controversy you could have asked, not began labeling and flagging me.


This isn’t a place for you to tell me who I should befriend. And weird to make such huge assumptions literally knowing nothing about me or my friends.


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With it’s public post on what it cares about, Republic Wireless shows that it cares about its people and giving back to the community. It’s one of multiple reasons I have stayed with Republic Wireless. I think it was a great question.


Have you made any headway with the second part of your question…regarding having to change your password on every login?

That issue has never been raised on the forums as far as I know…and is most unusual…
a) Is your issue limited to
or do you experience it as well on
as well as

When you say, change your password… am I right in assuming that you have to click on the “Forgot Password” link and then get it reset from there?


I would just like to point out that this is an thread on an open forum almost all responses are customers (being public a non customer could also post but most would not bother) the one exception would be @southpaw was just a customer but became an employee.


I agree, I thought it was a wonderful answer and felt really happy about it.


No, I’m not going to worry about it for the time being as I don’t want to spend anymore time on this forum with people that are calling me names and making assumptions about me and my ability to make friends after asking a perfectly reasonable question. I have a chronic illness and am very ill and have other things to worry about and don’t need harrassment in my life, I have enough difficulty going on. For now I will continue making a new password each time I need to log in. Thanks for addressing it though


That’s correct


Hi @wildernessc,

I take no issue with the original question. I also take no issue with your friend choosing to do business with companies they feel share their values. That’s everyone’s right, so long as they’re not telling me whom I should choose to do business with. :slightly_smiling_face:

For me, ethics and politics are two quite different things. I admire someone with strong ethics even when I may not share their political viewpoint.

If you decide to circle back to this, may I suggest a separate thread. I do think you’ll find far more folks here who simply want to help rather than call you (or anyone) names.


I said nothing about who you should do business with.