Republic Free WiFi Hotspots Enabled but not Finding Any

I just received a Moto G6 that is on the My Choice Talk & Test plan (just talk & text).

I am trying to make use of available free hotspots. I checked the map for both my home and office addresses and both come up as having strong signals available. I then followed the instructions to activate - I went to the Republic app settings and turned on the “Enable Free WiFi Connectivity” (I keep checking it and it remains turned on). I then go to WiFi under the phone settings but only see those I have been using at home and at work (plus a bunch of other locked ones). How do I find those that the Republic map says I have access to and how do I identify them on the list of those available?

Hi @mova,

There’s really nothing for you to do. That’s the whole idea.

If you currently have a saved Wi-Fi network in a specific location (like home or work) the phone is going to prefer the saved location.

If you’re in an area where you don’t have a saved Wi-Fi network and there’s a Republic Wi-Fi Hotspot, the phone will connect after a period of time, even if the network indicates it is locked when you look for networks. The idea is that you don’t have to manually do anything. No opening the WiFi settings and looking for an open network to connect to. No asking the barista for the password. If it’s a Republic Verified Wi-Fi hotspot it will automatically connect.

When you’re connected you’ll see a slightly different icon in your notifications, an arc with a check mark under it: image


Thanks for the explanation - I’ll check again when I am somewhere that I don’t usually have WiFi access.

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