Republic Google wi fi and phone calls at the same time?


Can I make and receive republic phone calls and access web via republic google wifi at the same time?

This information would be VERY helpful to me.

It’s frustrating to have phone ring while I’m on the web and miss the call!

Is Google wi fi the solution to my dilemma?

Thank you


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Hi @allanc.vgkdwa

Are you asking for a comparison between Republic Wireless and Google FI?.

Great question, just curious.



If I understand your question, yes you can be on a WiFi call and Surf the web at the same time.


Hi @allanc.vgkdwa,

When the phone is on a Wi-Fi network, the phone can browse the internet while in a call.
The ability to do so while away from Wi-Fi, using cellular data, depends on the phone itself.

There is no such thing as “Republic Google Wi-Fi.” Our online store sells a router known as Google WiFi, but that is not Wi-Fi service. It is a piece of equipment you connect to a service you subscribe to through an internet provider, like your local cable company or local telephone company, to access the internet.


Isn’t the network GSM or CDMA still the primary determining factor for the majority modern devices. Most if not all activated on a GSM network being able? Have read that until fairly recently there were no CDMA activated phones capable of voice and data at same time?


Actually not quite correct. Verizon, who is a CDMA carrier, has had simultaneous voice and data devices for quite a while. In addition, the Moto X1 on Sprint was capable of both, it’s only devices after that that are no longer capable because they moved to a single radio in the devices. Sprint phones are capable again as Sprint moves to VoLTE, it’s just that their service is not widespread.


It would be helpful to know which phone model you are using. Some phones do not allow data access while calling.


the call should not be missed it’s the data connection that would be paused while the call came though

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