Republic has an empty arc

What phone do you have? Moto g7

What plan are you on? choice

**Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?*data

Issue Description

Republic arc at top of screen is hollow at times and then full at times. I’ve restarted wifi router and modem several times. lt helps for a while. Then starts happening again.

Hi @williamm.jmtl1o and welcome to the Member Community. When this happens, please swipe down once from the top and bring up the notification screen. Then share what the status notification says. That will provide some more details for troubleshooting.

Here’s a question and answer document with details about the connectivity status notifications.



Thank you for whatever help you can give to me. see attached screensaver

This is what it says.I have an empty arc.
black outline

usually black we feel working at fun strength. Bill

sorry for mispelled words.
Meant to say, " this is what it looks like at full strength."

  • The Notification you show essentially says that the WiFi connection at that time was not good enough to provide a quality calling experience, so calls would revert to Cell only.
  • The Screenshot shows you have a pretty weak cell (couple bars) and your WiFi is less that top notch.
  • The built in Diagnostics that Republic provides in the RW App/ ? / Run diagnostics test will help provide a good starting point
    • If you could run the Diagnostics and post back a screenshot of the the Results … it could look something like this
      Then take a look at the ‘Full Logs’ and scan down to the section where the WiFi information is expanded, here you can see if your on 2.4 or 5 Ghz band and RSSI or signal strength which will give a better idea of what can/should be done
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Here is my diagnostic test.
looks good.
I must say that my arc is solid most of the time. But, it goes empty sometimes during the day.
Thank you for your help.

5 ghz for my wifi


Well it didn’t find any sam/Co-Channel or adjacent/Cross-Channel that would indicate nearby neighbors, but the fact that it couldn’t find scan results for your own WiFi is something that I don’t understand.

  • When it goes to the Open Arc during the day, would this be after the phone has set idle for a period of an hour or more?
  • I very recently had a problem on my Moto X4 … none of my 3rd party WiFi Analyzers detected any signals, yet my phone remained connected … unfortunately, I neglected to run the RW Diagnostics, so I can’t tie this to what you were seeing.
    • I ultimately resorted to the Factory Reset, which fixed it.
  • If you have fixed it, please share what you discovered

The reason for my problem was never figured out.
It happens intermittently so it’s hard to isolate the problem. It does not happen on my wife’s phone. I’ve tried several suggested fixes to no avail. Sorry I have not been able to help you very much. Bill

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