Republic Having Issues Porting Out Numbers

So let me just start off by saying I have already ported my number over to a new carrier (Visible). Actually 2 numbers. The issue I’m having is that republic seems to be holding up the actual transfer. Visible says the port is complete on their end. I do in fact have visible service and am able to make phone calls and send texts with my number but have issues receiving calls and receiving texts from anyone on the tmobile network which just so happens to be my work. Super inconvenient. After researching a bit I noticed my republic account is still active and able to login to it. After talking with support they mentioned that they are having issues with transfers and were not totally clear on how long they will continue to have issues. So I appear to be stuck in limbo, and worst off getting charged for it. Anyone else having an issue porting out and if so how long did it take to port.


Hi @jakef.t4hd8v and welcome to the Community!

The issues mentioned by support are related to porting numbers into Republic not out of Republic. May we know the date you initiated your ports to Visible, please? If you restore your Republic SIMs to their phones do they still work?

Hi Roland,
On visibles end the port was initiates the 24th and I got an email from them saying my number was ready to transfer over. I received my sim from them 2 days ago and can send texts and make calls through their network. The odd thing is I had two numbers on my account and the second number after figuring out I had to delete my wife’s assigned user and update my pin went through successfully and shows as a cancelled line on my account. My number appears to be in limbo. I have not tried throwing the republic sim back in the phone but I assume it will still work as my account for my main number is still active.

I’ve had nothing but negative experiences with Visible ports. If you look at their subreddit it is filled with folks having to file FCC complaints to get their ports done. Not sure why they’re so bad at it, but stay on top of them because there are also reports of people “losing” their number for months when trying to port to Visible.

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Thank you for the additional context! Please ask for someone at Visible who is able to provide something known as a firm order commitment (FOC). The FOC will have a date attached to it. Please let us know what that date is, so we might do our best to point you in the right direction.


Thanks for the info. I will chat with them about getting an FOC when I get back home from work. I still found it odd that one of my numbers took right away and the other one is holding up. Now that I think about it, the number that went quickly was ported over to Republic from Verizon. The one that is held up is a Republic sourced number.

It is curious and interesting because as you probably know Visible hosts its numbers on Verizon’s network. Theoretically, that one number originated with Verizon shouldn’t matter but theory and reality aren’t always the same. If you’d like more detail about how number porting is supposed to work, there is this:

Candidly, we won’t be able to solve this for you in Community. With the FOC date, however, we can tell you whose tree (Republic or Visible) your time would be best spent barking up.


So awaiting the FOC, and escalation from visible, but this was mentioned to me by the agent handling my case on visible’s side.

Also we have this update from 12/28/2021 which says: PORT-IN REQUEST - CONFIRMED: The customer’s old provider has agreed to release the number to Visible Wireless.

I’ve sampled Visible in the past and am familiar with that message. The question it doesn’t answer is when the port request is scheduled to take place. That’s the question the FOC date would answer. If said date is in the future, you need to wait. If said date is in the past, you would want to reach out to Republic.

In the event, you reach out to Republic, I would strongly suggest opening a ticket rather than calling in. I don’t mean to disparage the phone agents, however, they’re still a bit new and not necessarily as well versed in all matters Republic as the agents reached by submitting as ticket.

Of course, even in the event the FOC date is in the past, Visible should be reaching out to Republic on your behalf. A porting specialist at Visible with proper training would know how to do that. You are paying Visible for service and getting your port done is part of the service you are paying for. The customer should never be expected to be in the middle. With that said, I’ll step off my soapbox.

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Oh I agree. They are supposedly sending me the FOC through email and I’m kind of curious to see the date.
And just a little side info, I used to work for at the time, Time Warner Cable and handled their phone support so I am familiar with the process. I’m sure it has changed a lot since then but the basics are probably the same. At the time, I was handling land line ports and we were using sprint as the carrier. Brings back memories, not all that great lol.
That being said, I’m sure it’s a minor detail, that someone with the right authority whether at visible or republics end can easily fix.

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I’m not one to deny the possibility of an issue possibly being at Republic’s end. It sounds like you understand from experience, the gaining carrier is responsible for getting the port done and that has not changed. If the gaining carrier needs help from the losing carrier, they are supposed to know how to get that directly not task the customer with doing their job for them. Sorry, stepping off the soap box once again.

So more information. Their porting team contacted me and told me that they were porting a landline and that the time frame is 10 business days. Unfortunately they didn’t provide an FOC to me but I’m going to assume it’s 10 business days from when Republic authorized the transfer. . So that ■■■■■, but it is what it is I guess. Its frustrating that I had to track down the info from both parties and a little transparency and better training from both carriers would be idea.

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Update 1/3/21
I awoke today to find an email confirming the cancellation of my Republic account. Port went through. So it took a total of 4 business days to complete. All in all just a little frustrating and wish the porting process had a little bit more transparency.

This isn’t something new or an “issue”. Republic lines have always been VoIP. This has always been classified as “wireline” by the FCC. Other companies have always taken days to transfer numbers from Republic. Verizon’s own FAQ says 2-10 days. This isn’t a Republic issue.