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has republic vendored out it’s help services recently? I am getting absolutely wrong answers from them and it is obvious they are not putting any effort at all to investigate my issue. Just saying stuff that doesn’t make sense. I thought maybe new people are handling their help tickets?

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Hi @kathleenc.xaomuy!

Republic has not outsourced their customer support. This has always been done in-house and continues to be done this way. They wouldn’t be able to effectively help their customers of it was outsourced. That being said, what exactly is happening with your phone/service?




Hi @kathleenc.xaomuy,

I’m sorry to read that there’s been some confusion in your current ticket. I reviewed your history and it looks like perhaps the one agent may have pasted content from his clipboard into your ticket that was intended for a different ticket.

As for “vendoring-out” we added the Expert program about two years ago, and I see that you’ve used that program and had good responses from them. Please DM me if there were any issues with those interactions, since I’m responsible for making sure our Experts have the information they need to best answer questions from our members.

We’ve updated your ticket with information so you can call in and talk to us. Please let me know if there is anything else the Community can do for you.


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