Republic ignores wired (Non-WiFi) Internet connection

Moto X Gen 1
Voice and Text only

Want to use with radios disabled.
“Pluggable” OTG 10/100 Ethernet USB 2.0 adapter works great for all apps except Republic Wireless. Web browsers, Google Earth, Network analyzers, Play Store, Viber, Zoiper, all work.

Republic phone as well as the App do not recognize the provided network connection in airplane mode, but instead says that it cannot make calls or says that WiFi is disabled (Which is true). With Airplane mode off, it uses the cell network instead of the provided network connection.

The idea of Republic Wireless is to use the Internet instead of the cell network.

Is this true of newer Republic phones also?

Hi @rayc.4yjker,

For what it’s worth, the name of the company is Republic Wireless. The premise from the beginning as I understand it is blended WiFi/cellular service. To the best of my knowledge, Republic has never claimed to support wired connections.

I lack a MicroUSB to Ethernet adapter, so I can’t speak to whether its possible to do what you propose using a 3.0 phone. If I did, the geek in me would be interested in knowing. That said, I’m reasonably certain it isn’t supported.


The specs (from the various manufactures) state that it is WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz and 5GHz or some variation. If you have wired connection, what do you expect to gain by not using the WiFi connection?
My guess, would the adapter by introducing an extra conversion level and the necessary drivers is just not providing the quality of signal that would support Republics WiFi and fails you over to cell to provide connection necessary for VoIP
ETA: I think that it would depend on the particular Adapter and chipset you have … here is a link to a response from one of the adapter teams that sort of say that

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Yes, the name is “Wireless:” but I figured that in this usage it is more a marketing than a technical term since the primary idea is to do phone calls over the Internet. I figured that the network technology providing the Internet connection would be immaterial, just like it is on a PC or Mac. It IS essentially running Linux, which has quite a robust network layer, and the rest of the applications on the phone seem to work over that network layer just fine.

This is an old phone, with the original implementation. Does anyone know if the newer phones, which I gather have a different implementation of the Republic Wireless technology, is willing to use an arbitrary network connection vs. it having to be provided by WiFi? I don’t want to invest in a newer phone in a blind hope that it might do what I am looking for.

I get the logic of what you’re saying. I doubt Republic ever gave much thought to supporting a wired connection on a mobile phone. At best, it’s a niche use case. That doesn’t make it bad just sufficiently uncommon that I doubt it factored into the plans at any point.

If someone has tried it and does know I hope they’ll chime in. I’m curious. Also, for what it’s worth, you wouldn’t need to invest the total cost of the phone. Republic’s 14-day no questions money back guarantee limits your risk to the cost of shipping.

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Regarding the “14 day no questions asked,” yes, but I feel like that is taking unfair advantage, not dealing with them in good faith, sort of like ordering 2 or three phones with the intent to send all but one back. I don’t like to buy things that have been returned or opened, I should not create that situation on purpose. That kind of thinking. It would be preferable to have someone from Republic pipe up and say clearly “That will work fine” or “that won’t work.” We shall see! I appreciate your response. And I am sure that you are right about this not being high on their list of concerns. This is a very odd-ball case. The idea is to have it be a portable phone but to not have the microwave exposure 24/7, only when we go out.

Thank you for the reference. Pluggable has a table on their website that specifically lists the Moto X Gen 1 as having the driver built in an supporting this adapter.

I just gave this senerio a try on my Nexus 5X and a usb c Ethernet adapter.
It is true. R.W. does not support routing calls via a wired Ethernet OTG adapter.
You must have the Wifi OR Cellular connection active at the very minimum in order to make or receive calls.
Airplane mode disables the cell radio entirely, not just the Mobile Data LTE and wifi connection.
Texts and Internet based apps do still work fine.
But if u want to make calls when in this setup, u will need to use a 3rd party app, something like Google Voice, to make calls over the Ethernet adapter.
Otherwise, do not use Airplane mode and just disable wifi, BT, and Data, leaving the cell radio active.


Republic, in it’s origin was part of a significant provider if VoIP calling.

But they point from there beginning was to leverage WiFi with VoIP over it to reduce cost to the customer.

I would think it’s quite unusual and quite niche to actually call from a cell phone over a wire. I works also guess a very small percentage works want that.

And I can call over the wires internet using Republic anywhere software on my PC or Mac.

Yes, but calling is limited to beta at the moment.

True, but it’s coming.

I am not sure as to why, on the technical side, the R.W. app could not simply redirect its communications from the wifi NIC, to the Ethernet NIC.

But using a wired adapter on a mobile phone is a extremely rare thing. So, there is very little to no chance that they would look into developing that ability.

The whole design of R.W.'s Bonded calling tech is based on using BOTH WiFi and Cellular network. This is what makes it unique from ur standard random VOIP or messaging app that only needs some form of Internet connection to work.

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