Republic iOS App Behavior

It’s awfully quiet around here. Perhaps, that means my fellow beta testers have found that which is supposed to work does indeed seem to work.

I did note over the weekend the displayed cell data remaining in Republic’s iOS mobile app dropped to 0 and I had not used anywhere near the 8 GB of cell data allotted. The period of time the app showed 0 for remaining cell data did coincide with a cellular partner maintenance window, so I’m reasonably certain that’s the reason behind it. Cell data still worked during the maintenance window, so I’m also reasonably certain it’s merely a matter of the app not being able to communicate with whatever server tracks cell data use during the maintenance window. Accurate cell data information was restored once the maintenance window closed. I thought it worth mentioning as if iPhone support were generally available, it’s likely there would be questions directed to support.

We do see occasional questions about cell data stats not updating on the Android side during maintenance windows. There app behavior is different in that cell data shows whatever the remaining amount was prior to the maintenance window opening with a spinning circle rather than going to 0.


Thank you @rolandh! This is a fantastic observation, and one that we definitely can improve upon before general availability.

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