Republic is holding my number


I was unaware that when you transferred your number from RW to another provider, it automatically cancels your account. So, I went in and apparently double canceled my account and now my phone number is in limbo. I can make calls, but I cannot receive them. I can get texts, but I cannot send them. I call my new provider and they tell me times that RW is going to release my number, but they don’t. There is no number to call to inquire about my number being held hostage, can someone please release my number so I can go on my merry way? Thanks.


It is impossible to transfer a number from a cancelled line. This is true for every carrier. You need to open a ticket and have our support team reactivate your number so it can be transferred. We are not holding it hostage. It is just not valid to transfer a cancelled number. That is why when you cancel we pop a warning about keeping your number.


When I switched from RW for less than a month, RW didn’t hold me hostage. In fact none of the 6ish carriers I’ve switched to and from in the past 7 years have hold my phone line hostage. Before the month was up, I was right back with RW.

If RW really was trying to hold users hostage, then the 3.0 plans wouldn’t be unlocked.


@nicoleb.szazje Thanks for reaching out to us about your telephone number needs, sorry to hear you canceled your service line prior to transferring the number. We have reactivated the number on our end for you, this will allow the transfer to complete with your new carrier. Please reach out to them to process the transfer again and your number will be released. If you have additional issues please open up a help ticket with our support team or contact us via our chat option, we’re always here to help.

Republic Number Transfer Team


Thank you for your help!


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