Republic is logging calls and msgs


Why are my calls and msgs being logged? I delete them from my phone, and I would like them deleted alltogether!
I have no need for a repository of calls or msgs.


I have yet to see a telecommunications company that didn’t log calls and messages.


Hi @kimw.jl7dem!

Just to piggyback on what @cbwahlstrom said, Republic is required by law to keep track of texts and calls. These are especially useful if needed for legal proceedings. I hope that helps!



My vpn service doesn’t log anything…Perhaps I could understand logging them for accounting purposes, but…nah.
I know, I know, spitting into the wind! But I think it’s really just another case of losing control of one’s own moments. Some think nothing of it.


Hi @kimw.jl7dem!

I am afraid you will have to take that up with the government. Republic doesn’t write those laws, they just follow them ;).



Specifically, which law requires the phone company to track texts and calls?

Phone companies never used to track non-billable calls and to my knowledge there’s never been a law requiring them to do so. Yes, many choose to track them, their records can be subject to subpoena. I have one VOIP provider who doesn’t keep a record of the calls–at least to my knowledge.


Hi @davidw.ctd2jy,

I believe the relevant law is the Patriot Act. Carriers (phone companies) are, to the best of my knowledge, required to keep meta data (who you called or messaged, who called or messaged you, length of call, etc.) Until fairly recently that information was collected from carriers proactively by the NSA. With the most recent renewal of the Patriot Act, carriers do not proactively turn over the data to the NSA but are expected to store it in the event it’s subpoenaed.

It’s quite possible the VoIP provider you reference, like Republic, is a service provider and not a carrier. One might argue, Republic need not store this information. Regardless, Republic’s carrier (its’ former parent company is storing it and this is where the NSA or other alphabet soup agency would go to get the information.

I think it’s fair to say every provider (carrier or not) has this information. Some may choose not to make the information available to the end customer.


The logs are also a useful tool for users as well. It allows you to see if calls are coming to your republic number or your underlying number. There are other uses having this information but they’re a bit out there.


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