Republic is Mobile or VOIP?


I needed to use my phone number for an online transaction. Always works for other transactions when needed. When it didn’t work, I contacted company and received following?

“Please kindly note that our system allows to proceed only with valid landline and mobile numbers. The number which you were trying to use is identified as voip. (digital)”

So, is Republic not a mobile number? I thought we used the T-Moble network (or Sprint but mine is T-Mobile)?



Hi @johnd.1234,

Republic is not a traditional mobile service provider and our Republic numbers are indeed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) WiFi/cell service blends the VoIP network of its former corporate parent with one of two cellular partners for coverage. VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended service. Republic numbers, however, are housed with Bandwidth and Bandwidth numbers are VoIP.

For what it’s worth, VoIP can indeed be mobile.


There are more and more instances of these popping up. One of my credit card companies had a similar issue where they wouldn’t send me a confirmation text to my RW number. Instead they offered to “call” the same number and listen to the confirmation number which I then relayed back to them. So most of these cases have some form of workaround.

Viber is another service that recently stopped accepting VoIP numbers…but you can submit a help ticket with them and get around the default restriction. I agree it is not ideal…but hopefully you were able to find a suitable workaround in your scenario.


I have had this issue. The workaround for me on MotoG 1: find the underlying Sprint number and use that for services that don’t recognize the RW number. It’s worked well, you get the sms alerts. To get the Sprint number:
Open the Phone app (the dialer that comes with the phone).
Tap the dialer-dialpad-button.png button to bring up the number pad.
Enter ##4636## on the number pad. A menu of Testing options will appear.
Tap Phone information
At the top of this page of information, the Phone number shown is the secondary number.
Tap the Home button to dismiss the information screen.

I am unsure if this is the same issue on newer phones on the T-Mobile network.


This will not work with the newer generation phones. The underlying number is incapable of receiving SMS or MMS messages of any kind.


I would also note that even on older legacy phones if one uses Republic Anywhere texting app this will also turn off SMS/MMS to the underlying number


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