Republic Needs Better A Spam Call Blocker

I always feared porting my home phone number of over 25 years to my cell fearing the spam calls would follow me. So I waited until last year when I heard the FCC was authorizing new tools. So I got my first smart phone through Republic last May…

But even with the spam controls on… the spam calls continued… and here’s a screen shot of the calls I had to manually block on my last two days with RW last week. I thought of sticking with RW a bit longer after my annual plan expired on 6-19… but the spam calls were the last straw.

Since I moved to another carrier starting with T, I’ve gotten ZERO spam calls… and I haven’t even installed their Shield app yet.

It is highly likely that these calls were going to your underlying number and could have been resolved with a switch of this number by support. The fact that moving to the new carrier ended the calls is a very good indication of this. Likely a quick ticket to support would have resolved the issue.

Seems like since the last RW app update, SPAM blocker is blocking ALL CALLS, even those in my contacts.

Not really sure what you’re saying… I’m still using the same phone number I had for 25 years… that I ported to RW then ported elsewhere.

But I DID get my first spam call today… clearly marked as a suspected scam.

All Republic phones have a secondary cellular routing number. If the spam calls are coming to that number then they never hit the spam filter and therefore can’t be blocked. When that’s the case Republic can change that number (not impacting your “normal” number) which would then stop the spam calls.

Interesting. Perhaps this would have been helpful to know a year ago when I was first having so many problems with spam and I first asked for help.

I’ve had no trouble blocking spam calls. Call comes in that is spam, I hit this is spam and voila it is blocked and I never hear from it again. In fact, i have had no spam calls for 6 months now and none of my contacts has ever been blocked. I like the fact i can choose as calls come in to add them to the spam list or not because not all calls that look like spam are spam. I’ve had some very important 800 number calls come in and I don’t miss them.

I tried TMobile for one day, their spam blocker blocks even good calls if they aren’t in your contacts becuase it decides what it believes to be spam or not and therefore, for me, I could be missing an important call.

I personally think being able to decide for myself what calls are spam to me and what aren’t is better than having some computer decide.

That a spam call even GETS THROUGH is the problem. Having a spammer ring my phone, and I then have to manually block it IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. One day last week I got 5 spam calls within a period of 2 hours.

Those blocked calls on my screenshot were done MANUALLY when the spammer got through to my phone and then I manually blocked them. If I could show the entire list from the past year it would have HUNDREDS of spam calls that got through.

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You will get spam calls with TMobile eventually too. I had it one days and got ten in the short time I used it, but wasn’t getting any in my RW number.
It must be something on your end but looks like you are having calls forwarded from voicemail. if so that may be your issue as wherever they are forwarding to vm isn’t blocked. when I block calls without forwarding them, it has a red circle with a line through and then it says blocked and spam both. mark them as spam when you block them however I also have calls forwarded at vm to my caption app and those have the forward arrow by them which is what you are showing (the red checkmark arrow means it is forwarded). I have the numbers blocked at both places and I’m not getting them anymore…

you can also download Mr. Number. it is an app that will block those spam calls for you and you can set it to contacts only etc. I used it for a long time until I was able to block calls directly myself with RW.

there are options but even TMobile is not totally spam free…the honeymoon period is sweet with them but it will end eventually.

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