Republic needs permission (update) to send / receive sms


Moto G4 Play - and. 6.x

Republic Wireless is asking for (new) permission to send / receive sms


I can find no info about this.

Is it:

  1. a change in the and. op system?

  2. Republic changing their privacy policy?

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Hi @danc.aun3b6

Welcome to the Republic Wireless community where users can help each other out.

The Republic Wireless app has been updated to help improve reliability with your text messages. This means that in different fringe scenarios, they will work better.

Here are the update notes for the version with the new change:

Republic Wireless App Update: Version

  • Improved outbound messaging reliability. Requires additional permission.

My personal thoughts, Republic is our carrier and they send and receive our sms messages anyways. The Republic app asking for the permission allows the service to work a bit better.

The privacy policy is still the same and our information is still protected.

Privacy Policy

The answer you were given is correct. As far as the privacy question goes, everyone one of your texts traverses the Republic systems, no matter what permission you give. Same for your calls. If you’re worried about keeping such things private from Republic you would need to go to another carrier (and then worry about them having it) as your carrier will have access to texts/calls.

Anyone who wants/needs to check ‘permissions’ can use an app such as Advanced Permission Manager - Android Apps on Google Play to show the permissions granted to a particular app … or all the apps that have a certain permission


Thank you. Appreciate your reply and link.

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