Republic NEEDS To Up Its Game

When I first started to research Republic 6 years ago one could see where the savings came from… the use of Wifi calling. But that was then and now other companies are competing with wireless phone & data… and better deals. I should also note that Home Direct is also a disappointment in that it STILL can’t yet screen spam calls. And if I’m away from WiFi… the call should just go to my cell, not ring both phones.

Anyway, Republic needs to be more competitive… and they could start with rolling over wireless data. I barely use 50 megs a month and I feel I’m paying for the gig and not using it… while others may take full benefit of that data. So I’m subsidizing them. Otherwise what if we all just shut down our phone’s Wifi and went totally cellular?

Maybe it’s not what you mean by screening, however, spam blocking is available on Extend Home. Republic’s preemptive spam blocking works both on Extend Home and associated mobile phone:

What Extend Home cannot do is share the list of blocked numbers one enters into the associated mobile phone’s Phone app themselves. This is the result of there being no connection between that Phone app list (which is an Android function in no way connected to Extend Home). I’m not saying there aren’t necessarily ways to make the connection just that connecting an Android function not under Republic’s control to Extend Home isn’t as straightforward as one might think.

I agree this would be useful but, again, there would need to be a way for the associated mobile phone communicating to the Extend Home adapter that one is away from their home network. This isn’t something built into either Android or the Extend Home adapter. In theory, the Republic app might detect when one is away from one’s home network, communicate that to Republic’s servers, which would, in turn, communicate that to the Extend Home adapter. Theory is easy to describe but not necessarily easy to implement, which is why I’m not a coder and have great respect for those who are.

How long would you suggest cell data rollover? The most I’ve seen any competitor ever do was one additional billing cycle.

There’s reality to your point. There’s also reality that those who talk & text less on their phones are subsidizing others use of unlimited talk & text yet rarely is that observation made. For what it’s worth, Republic’s previous refund plans sound like they would be closer to what you would like to see (pay for what one uses). On the other hand, cell data was priced at $15 per GB rather than $5 per GB. The approach turned out to be not particularly market competitive. There’s a reason no one other than Google Fi currently offers that model and even Fi offers an “unlimited” alternative. Anyone using 2/3 of a GB or more (which I understand doesn’t include you and also doesn’t typically include me) is paying less on My Choice than with Republic’s previous refund model.

For cell data, doing so would result in most folks using and, therefore, paying more.

In any event, if you’ve not already seen it, you might wish to read through this:

Perhaps DISH’s resources will help Republic as you say to up its game? I would point out no other consumer oriented mobile phone service provider I’m aware of offers anything like Extend Home. I sincerely hope DISH decides to continue and improve upon Extend Home but as with all things time will tell.


Some time of the newer features show promise. Ergen doesn’t.

I’ve been saying this time and time again.

  1. Pay your bill in advance and save 2 months fees.
  2. Try another service provider and learn that the taxes and fees are $8-23 a month alone above your rate.
  3. Get a pixel for crying out loud!!! Unlocked used 4xl is $200-300. They make Republic wireless experience amazing especially if you have been with them a while and have been saving hundreds of dollars using the Moto series phones.

It’s not rocket science folks.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
~ Confucius

We’ve been with republic since 2013. Using Moto phones until a year ago.
We’ve saved over $15,000.
I’ve invested this money and it pays for our phones now.

“Just do it” ~ Nike

“Plan your work and work your plan” ~ Napolean Hill


Don’t get me started with wireless companies taking unused data ! What other industry could get away with that ? “Excuse me sir were here from the grocery store to pick up your groceries, WHAT !? Yes sir our barcode scans indicate you didn’t eat 2 cans of tuna and a box of oreos were here to collect them”. … But that’s not a Republic issue as much as it is an industry wide issue.
As far as the compatision goes you’re right. I was with Republic for over 7 years and they saved me a ton of money but times have change. Last month I switched to Tello for half the price of my basic plan and it includes 1Gb of data.
I’m reading Republic is going through some major changes, I was very happy with them all those years switching was purely economics. I wish them nothing but good luck and success.

PS There maybe a lot of good deals for wireless these days but I firmly believe we owe that to companies like Republic for shaking up the industry.

Agreed on the rollover data. I think for low data users like us the best plan would be $10 to $15/m talk and text plus add a gig for $5 when needed that rolls over.

I just want to say that I too don’t ever use all my data, but for the price I still have a great deal and save more money than I would with any other plan. I have the home direct and if there is anything you don’t like about it, the good points still out number the not so good. I personally love it. I don’t like to carry my phone around all day if I’m home, but yet the phone rings in just about every room and I can answer on any phone, which is the point, isn’t it? No more missed calls because I’m looking for my phone. I also take advantage of the annual payment which saves me even more. I have better coverage and clarity than relatives stuck in their ATT or Verizon contracts. Republic is the only company where I don’t feel I’m overpaying for sub-standard service. Thank you Republic, I’m a forever customer!!


I would like to chime in on the Extend Home Adapter. The Idea of it is that both the cell and home phone ring at the same time. I use this to be able to call my 13 year old daughter when she is home alone. If you don’t want the home phone to ring when you leave the house, turn the ringer off to the home phone. Not ideal, but I don’t want to see this feature changed.

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