Republic Needs to Warn Its Users About Zelle and Paypal

I just read this moment that Paypal is no longer accepting Republic numbers for their account. Well, I came today to add another one. Zelle is shutting you out of your accounts if you use Republic numbers. This really needs to be addressed immediately and customers need to be warned.

Text confirmations with Zelle have been a known issue for a while. That’s not to say that I believe a better method of disclosing these issues isn’t warranted. I confess that I don’t know what method of disclosure would be effective. I also don’t know a way to remedy this issue in a timely manner, but I’m just an end user of Republic Wireless:

Hi @HBoyter,

I’m unable to speak for other’s experience, however, I already had a Republic number linked to my PayPal account and was just able to confirm (via text message) a second household Republic number.

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