Republic needs to work better with Samsung phones

I talked to you quite a bit about problems with my Samsung S21 Ultra a short time back. Was with Republic a long time. Just too many issues finally made me switch to T-Mobile. Looks like more problems for Samsung users on Republic? If they ever get the Republic app compatibility issues solved, I know I would return to Republic Wireless and I’m sure others would do the same? I know the Apple beta was a failure but would hope a Samsung permanent fix is possible? Thanks.

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For what it’s worth, this particular issue was induced by a Samsung Android update (specifically the update from Android 10 to Android 11). This one has not been traced to a Republic app compatibility issue and the cause remains under investigation.

I’m not saying the problem isn’t caused by Samsung. What I am saying is tmobile and other carriers don’t have these issues with Samsung. Republic needs to be on par with the other carriers in regard to Samsung. They’re the largest seller of Android phones. Republic is about the only carrier that doesn’t support Apple phones. Only makes sense to solve this issue to be competitive.

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Hi @bogwon,

We appreciate your feedback, and particularly your interest in returning to Republic Wireless in the future. I’m glad you’re keeping an eye on us for that reason, and I hope we’ll get to see you come back before too much longer.

We strive to provide functionality on all the phones we support and agree that doing so makes good business sense. This particular issue impacts on the Samsung A50 using our CDMA SIM card and does not represent a larger failing across our Samsung portfolio.

Due to the critical nature of this particular issue, I’d like to reserve this topic for the discussion of the symptoms presented by affected Samsung A50’s, troubleshooting steps that have been taken, and the results seen. If you’d like to continue the more philosophical conversation on Samsung functionality on our network, I’ll be glad to move your comments into a new topic so we can do so without creating a lot of Community-generated e-mail going to the members who are looking for a solution to the issue at hand.

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Not just the A50 issue. I had problems with my S21 Ultra. That’s why I changed carriers. Back and forth many times with Republic tech support. Republic app has problems, as you know, with the doze feature on Samsung phones. I know the Android doze feature is on all Android phones, but the Republic app just seems to have bigger issues with the doze feature on the new S21 phones. My wife was using a Moto phone when I was having Republic app issues with the new S21. She didn’t have any issues with the Republic app. If you look on the forums, there are many posts about various issues with the new S21 model phones. Like I said, many years with Republic. But just got tired of, what seemed like beta test type issues, constantly popping up. You know what I mean if you’ve been at Republic for any length of time. Thanks for your reply. If it ever smooths out, and Dish doesn’t mess it up too bad, would gladly come back. I keep hoping.

I’ve been with Republic since there was a Republic and currently have a Note 10+ and Note 20, with no issues and no difference in performance on the Republic side than the Moto Stylus that I also use with Republic.

I’m sorry to hear that you had issues but trying to say that it is something systemic is just inaccurate.


During my help ticket exchanges, I was told by several tech people that the Samsung phones did have an issue with the doze feature in one of the Android updates. They said they had a work-around by using the never-sleep setting on the Samsung phone. So the statement is not inaccurate. This issue only needs to be addressed, they said, on the S21phones. The moto doesn’t need that setting turned on to be compatible with the Republic app. And you, not having an S21 model phone, does confirm anything. I had a S9+ before the S21 and had no issues. This is one of the reasons I’m no longer with Republic. Everybody tells a slightly different story. Thanks for your time. NO RESPONSE NEEDED.

This is not a Republic problem, it is a Samsung problem. Allow the Messages App to be put to sleep and the Samsung OS build will do it, keeping you from getting texts on any carrier. Allow it to put Photos to sleep and your pictures won’t back-up, on any carrier. It is hardly an incompatibility that the Republic App need to same treatment as is demanded by the Google App, the Photos App, Messages, Carrier Services, RingCentral, Gmail, or a variety of other apps that rely on background updates.

PROBLEM IS, THE WORK- AROUND DOESN’T ALWAYS WORK. That’s why I went through the hassle of having to change carriers and pay $10 more a month. If my phone always worked correctly with Republic, I would have stayed with it. I went through years of on and off glitches. Delt with them. Whis this one, didn’t sound like a reliable fix was in the future. I used to recommend Republic to everyone. But with the glitches with some phones, Apple beta failure, the owner bailing out, and Dish on a downward spiral, I no longer see a bright future for Republic as it is right now.

Or it could be… Avoiding falling in to the Apple trap, Republic successful enough to spin out, Republic getting huge backing and validationfrom DISH. All just how you spin it

If you can’t see that being able to use Apple phones on Republic would be one the biggest events in your companies history, then you’re in a dream world. With the major carriers reacting with cheaper plans, isn’t good news for Republic. As far as Dish, satellite and cable companies are losing customers by the millions to streaming. Their businesses are rolling downhill towards the cliff. Why would you pay twice as much for satellite and cable when streaming is 50% cheaper for the same product. Same thing Republic tried to do to the big three. But they now are offering cheaper plans, that work with all phones. Good luck.

I don’t think it’s a matter of avoiding any Apple trap. I’m confident Republic would prefer to support iPhones. The dilemma is Republic’s proprietary WiFi first approach (which depends upon the Republic app) is not currently possible on iPhones. While iOS has opened up quite a bit, it’s still not sufficiently open to allow for Republic to bring its’ app based proprietary approach to iPhones.

I’ve seen reference in this thread to Republic’s iPhone beta being a failure. I would respectfully disagree with that characterization. I participated in Republic’s iPhone beta. To me, the beta was more of a fact finding mission designed to determine if not using Republic’s proprietary solution on iPhones and relying solely on Republic’s cellular network partner’s infrastructure would be a sufficiently compelling offering. In the end, apparently, Republic decided the answer at this time is no.

If anyone is interested in what Republic’s iPhone beta experience was like, activate an iPhone on Google Fi. Fi offers service on iPhones but none of the goodness available for “Designed for Fi” phones is available on iPhones activated with Fi. Similar to Republic’s proprietary WiFi first approach relying on its’ Android app, Fi’s proprietary goodness depends upon its’ Android app. Like Republic’s app, Fi’s app cannot currently be brought to iPhones because iOS isn’t sufficiently open. Fi made the decision to offer something less than its’ complete experience on iPhones, Republic made a different decision.

It will be interesting to see how the DISH acquisition plays out. Pay TV (cable or satellite) is hardly a growth industry any longer. Streaming is indeed the future there. Of course, DISH knows that. It’s why DISH acquired, owns and operates Sling TV just as it is now branching out into mobile phone service. While DISH is indeed bleeding subscribers on the satellite side of the business, Sling TV continues to add subscribers.

Speaking to the title of this thread, Samsung’s aggressive approach to background app management does present challenges for Republic’s app dependent service. But, Republic is not the only app developer facing such challenges. Google, recently asked app developers to call out manufacturers who might be seen as being overly aggressive when it comes to background app management:

Though the Google form referenced in the linked article is closed, as the article makes clear, Samsung (and OnePlus) are seen as the most aggressive when it comes to background app management. It appears Google would like them to be less so.

For what it’s worth, any issues with Samsung’s aggressive management of background apps and Republic service on my Samsung Galaxy Note20 were ably addressed here:


Hi @bogwon,

Although you’re seeing comments in your e-mail and replying by e-mail, please keep in mind that the conversation is taking place publicly in our Member Community, which means that most of the people replying to you, including @louisdi, are not employees of Republic Wireless.

I don’t think any of our employees, or even our members, fail to understand what a big deal it would be to be able to include iPhones in our portfolio.

Didn’t realize that. Thank you. Not the typical type responses from people actually working for Republic. If things, like Samsung smooth compatibility, ever happens, I’ll be back. I appreciate your help in the past.

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