Republic network service area on google maps or google earth with GPS location

I’ll be on a pretty long train trip coming up and I’d like to be able to view the network service on the same map where I could see my location via GPS. I’d like to do this since I plan on teethering my phone to my laptop and want to be able to see when I’m approaching areas with no coverage. Looks like the network map on the website uses google maps as a background but I can’t show my physical location via gps. I’m thinking the easiest way would be do download the service area as a kml and load it into google earth but I’m not sure thats possible. Any ideas?

I don’t know of any interactive coverage maps that are based on GPS location.
Regarding train travel, what I’ve experienced, though limited, is that the heavily traveled routes have pretty good coverage. On numerous trips from NYC to Washington DC, I’ve noticed only a few dead zones with the CDMA carrier. It’s also pretty good on the Pacific Surfliner from Orange county to L.A.
Where I’ve really had problems is in rural areas. Traveling across Missouri on Amtrak, I found that there was only coverage when going through towns. Even phone calls had to be kept short since you’d only have coverage for a minute or so, unless the train was stopping. Conversely, when traveling across on the interstate, I usually had coverage.

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