Republic Nexus 5x

The phone had a defective flash memory and was changed by LG. When I received it back the republic app is asking for a sim card. Phone was originally purchased by republic wireless. Do I need a sim now??

Hi @briank.nllzf1,

Are you certain you received the same phone back? Typically, manufacturer’s “repair” phones by replacing them with a refurbished model of like kind. Some additional questions? Did you retain the Republic SIM before shipping the phone for repair? Did you deactivate the phone before doing so? Do you know if it was provisioned with GSM or CDMA coverage? If not, may we know when you originally purchased the phone from Republic?

Was your line of service cancelled/deactivated while the phone was being repaired? If so, then you will need to get a new SIM card.

I would recommend that you open a help ticket to explore your options with RW

I contacted LG and they did ship the same exact phone back (with a new memory of course). I never had a sim card since the phone was purchased new from republic less than a year ago. I also switched the line to an older phone while the nexus was sent In for repair. I hope my info helps answer the questions. I sent in a help ticket but wanted to see if anyone has a quick fix.

I also switched the line to an older phone while the nexus was sent In for repair.
Republic provided the SIM in your Nexus 5X when you purchased it. Sadly, when you deactivated the phone you also deactivated the SIM. That SIM cannot be reactivated, it must be replaced. There is no quick fix other than that. You may pursue the matter with Republic support on your existing help ticket or buy a replacement SIM outright here: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless.

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