Republic not a wireless server provider in options

When signing up for Scout and now my College texting reminders, they ask for your “Wireless Service Provider” But Republic is NOT ONE OF THE OPTIONS.
Which should I pick so that it works?
(on systems that only require a number, I get notifications easily, but several now have asked for the provider. A BIG PROBLEM.) Sprint (nextel or PCS) do NOT work.
all other options are other companies. including Cricket… there is no “other” option, neither is not answering.
Please advise.

Republic numbers are classified as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). There is nothing Republic can do to change this regulatory classification by the FCC.

The site or service your are trying to use may not support VOIP based numbers, as they are considered “landline” numbers. There are many banks, and popular apps like Twitter, Venmo, and things that require SMS 2 Factor Authentication that may not accept VOIP based numbers. It is that company or service that has set their own policy to block or not support VOIP numbers. You can complain to them and express your desire to have them support RW VOIP number.

In some cases, u can select either Tmobile (GSM) or Sprint (CDMA) from those lists, depending on what SIM type you have in your RW phone…that may make things work, but it really depends on what the companies you are trying to sign up for supports. It may be that they only support the top major 4 carriers.

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Hi @maryz.3xl1ws,

What “Scout” service are you signing up for? I was able to install and set up without any issue.

Would you mind sharing the name of your college? It may be that they just aren’t aware of Republic Wireless, and I’ll be glad to contact them.


The Scout service is through (my son’s boyscout troop uses it)
The college is WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and it is for the billing reminders, found at (although I don’t know if you can sign in. But it looks like this:

Tried T-Mobile as also suggested and it did not work.

Thanks @maryz.3xl1ws,

T-mobile would not be expected to work as an option, I’m sorry someone led you to believe it might.

I’ve contacted both organizations to ask that they consider adding Republic Wireless to their drop-down menu, and will let you know if I hear anything back from either one.


California State University, Los Angeles has similar issue. They offer free wi-fi for guests, but RW is not on their pull down list of providers, so it would not connect.

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Okay. I’ve contacted them as well, though my success rate so far is pretty dismal.

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Thank you - I hope this works. Is this something that I could have done? I always figure it has to be someone in an official capacity to make this sort of change.

Sometimes hearing from students/employees/customers can actually be more successful. Letting them know that you’d like them to add Republic might cause them to reach out or ask for information.

Hi @maryz.3xl1ws,

It never hurts to try, and if they then say they need to talk to the company, we’ll be glad to see what we can do.

So far my reply from Cal State (for @pauls.6dgv4p’s situation) suggests they’d rather hear from the end user.

I’ve replied to that to explain that it doesn’t really answer my request to have Republic Wireless added to their list of options.

The Scoutbook help team did tell me they were forwarding my request to the Administration and Development teams, but that was Wednesday and I haven’t heard anything further. I’ve followed up there to see if there’s an update.

WPI hasn’t replied to me at all. You might try contacting their helpdesk to see if they have a process for adding a provider that’s not on the list.


US Bank mobile app just updated and hit me with this issue. Won’t allow my RW number and a cell number is now “Required” to log into the app. I may have to complain to them but it specifically mentioned VOIP providers in the reason it won’t take my number so my guess is they know and don’t care.

They do know, and don’t care. AND unlike most providers, provide no alternative. You may find this helpful: Alternative Bank Authentication Methods

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