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Member Since 2013 about 7 years.
Phone: I’ve had only Motorolla phones since I have been using cell phones going back to the Bag Phones.
**Plan:**I am on two different plans. I have a more basic data plan, and my wife has more. I am more in the office than she is.

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When I started with Republic I was extremely happy with the balance between cell coverage and being on wireless/VOIP - but for two years now, and on 4 different Motorolla phones, the service has been horrible. It does not matter where I am, but extremely bad. They had me change from their sprint to Tmobile and still bad. On my wife’s phones, we can hardly hear her. I have gone through all the troubleshooting with support. I believe that it is a combination of Motorolla and Republic. I cannot change phones again, to say a “Samsung”, because I have already spent so much money on these. It is perplexing. I thought for sure that we had a “bad” phone, but 4 now - Different models of Motorolla! My son is on Verizon, and his Motorola’s have not had the same issues.

I hate to leave Republic because on their pricing they are great. I have no issue with their “attempt” to help me either. I just think it is beyond just a “problem” that is particular to their phone and service. I have been doing technology for a long time. I have Cell phones before anybody had cell phones, and I have never had these many issues with the quality of the calls, and the drops/reconnects we have experienced in the last couple of years.

The next time I have to buy phones, sadly, I am going to look to again move my service provider. Something I am truly dreading.

Hi @rafaeld.pj37ak,

Thank you for being such a long-time member with us, and for taking the time to share this experience.

I’ve reviewed your account and it really looks like your phone would be better served if we moved you to Sprint’s network. I wasn’t able to find where we had suggested moving you to T-Mobile’s network in your ticket history. Please let me know if that’s something you’d be willing to try. It may not solve everything, but it could make a difference.

I’m also going to bring the issues your wife is experiencing to the attention of a technician who is investigating some call-quality issues.

The T-Mobile was about two years ago on a different Motorola but still a MOTO - T-Mobile was awesome on LTE in big Cities, but lousy when I drove around. Yeah, if I lived in Chicago, I probably would not have any issues.

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