Republic phone use in Dominican Republic



Will be going to the Dominican Republic in a few months. I know the cell service will not work there but there is wifi at the resort, will our phones work calling and receiving calls from the wifi in the resort?

Anyone know the code to call back to the states?


WiFi from anywhere in the world requires the same numbers as when your home … 10 digit US or Canada phone number. The WiFi at the individual resort/hotel/remote beach hut whatever will have to be open to allow WiFi calling (just as it is here in stores/restaurants/etc)


Hi @garyr.bnhgi3,

Please take a look at this content contributed by fellow member @rolandh on International use of RW phones:


Hi jben
So do you mean as long as wifi is enabled for calling if someone trys to call we will receive it?


If you phone is connected to WiFi (and it has no restrictions) then calls will be routed directly to you. As there is no opportunity for failover to Cell, when you are not on WiFi the calls would go to Voice Mail.
Things to consider if you have problems:

  • Put phone in Airplane mode then enable WiFi


Thank you